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  1. By providing a work environment, you like. We love helping you be productive. We provide access to the resources you need to do your job. We give you elbow room so you can make impactful decisions. We protect the high-performance culture you're a part of. And, while doing your best work, have fun. 

  2. By paying fairly for roles and responsibilities. We research information from multiple sources based on role responsibilities rather than job titles. As your job and responsibilities change, your pay will reflect it based on our annual research.

  3. By looking out for your lifestyle and your family. We offer everybody access to as many benefits as we can responsibly make available to take care of individuals and their families. Including access to health benefits, ample vacation time, sick time, holidays off, and paid leave for new parents.

  4. By providing support for your career long-term. Successful team members practice incremental improvement. That means that throughout a career at Axelerant, we ensure team members have sharpened existing skills, gained new skills, and expanded their knowledge around their areas of expertise. Our goal is that every team member's career prospects are bigger and better every year they work with us.

  5. By providing a place to demonstrate ownership. Axelerant is a reasonably flat organization, broken into two types of groups: sales and marketing and service areas like DevOps and staffing owned and led by a singular director or another manager. These groups form symbiotic relationships that enhance learning, coordination, and efficiency across the company that other teams can create.


A leader may facilitate empowerment-orientated group conversations towards improved trust amongst peers and collaboration efforts during recurring departmental or project retrospectives approximately once a month.

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What do we expect from our team members?


  • Actively demonstrate enthusiastic, kind, and open values.

  • Align with our Code of Conduct

  • Care about your written communications; grammar matters

  • Cultivate coach, manager, and peer relationships

  • Fulfill your role's responsibility and competency expectations

  • Guide your career path by an Individual Development Plan

  • Keep account and personal information confidential unless specifically given consent to publicize.

  • Keep Axelerant informed when you want to freelance so that we can prevent conflicts of interest.

  • .Inform your manager of performance interests and priorities thereof

  • Make your own decisions, self-improvement, and role evolution choices.

  • Meet at least monthly for 1-1 sessions with your performance coach

  • Minimize coworker impact when external appointments and ad hoc situations arise

  • Practice Positive Gossip by talking straight with people to prevent breaking trust in you

  • Use (American) English or provide equivalent translation for Axelerant-based conversations.

  • When you make a promise, set a date. When you set a date, meet it. When you can’t make a date, tell your manager and peers early and often.

  • Work solely on Axelerant matters when you say you will

  • Work well with your peers.


Expectations on Directors

  • Behave like Team LeadersDirectors

  • Align recurring operations with company objectives

  • Hire and retain people that perform better at their jobs than they do

  • Suggest relevant, ambitious, and quantifiable OKRs, and achieve most of them

  • Support quarterly business strategy adjustments

Expectations on the Executive Team

  • Behave like DirectorsExecutives

  • Frequently achieve results outside their discipline.

  • Have broad responsibilities, maximizing maximising the scope of their discipline

  • Make other directors, executives, and leaders better in their disciplines.