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Typically, only people’s efforts within the past two months are eligible for discretionary funding because special recognition must be timely to demonstrate a genuine appreciation for their endeavors. Award Awards for beyond two months is allowed people’s efforts to be planned and carried through.


Discretionary funding recipients shouldn’t feel insulted, nor should they tempt abuse by being overly generous for the funds granted. Use the Discretionary Funding Requests Form to submit a request.

Within 24 - hours of submission, you’ll be notified of the Jira ticket tracking the request. After passing fairness vetting by People Operations, the funds will typically be released for that month’s pay cycle when the request is submitted by the 25th.

The People Operations team will track discretionary funding usage alongside the accounting team for auditing and representational purposes. Recent submissions.

(*Note: The term Leader refers to designations where you are leading 1 people leading or managing one or more team members in a functional/project/inter-department team. This means, apart from Directors we currently identify Project managers and Program Leads also as Leaders. In the future all team members falling under this definition of Leader will be eligible to give Discretionary funding to their team members/reports.). E.g., directors, project managers, program leads, etc.

Funding Coverage

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