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How to submit your bills through Zoho Expense? Check out this Video:

Steps for submitting your expense reimbursement claims via Zoho Expense:

  1. Login in to using your Axelerant email ID

  2. Create an Expense report:

    1. Go to Expenses > New Expense > Attach receipts

    2. Enter the Date on which the expense was incurred

    3. Under Merchant, mention the name of the Vendor (eg. Amazon, Udemy, JetBrains, etc)

    4. Select a Categorybased on the Benefit being availed (Refer table below)

    5. Enter amount

    6. Click on Claim Reimbursement checkbox

    7. Add description and Reference for the Expense.

    8. Add to a Report > Create New report(Eg. May 2021 expense report, Home office expenses, etc)

    9. Go to Reports> Select the Report to be submitted and click on Submit

    10. While Submitting the Expense report, you will receive an option to mark your Manager in cc. Kindly select your Manager if the Expense needs Manager’s approval. Otherwise, you may skip this step.

  3. Once an expense report is submitted to the Approver (People Operations), you should see the expense report on Home Page > Reports Summary > Awaiting Approval

Guidelines for selecting Category and Reference for types of reimbursement.

Reimbursement type



Health & Wellness

Health and Wellness 75%

Fitness Allowance

In-Person Team meet up

Team Meetup=1

Team Meetup=2

Team Meetup >2

In-Person Team Meetup

Home Office Setup

Home Office Setup 85%

Home office Allowance

Continuing Education/ Certifications/Books/Courses

Continuing Education and Training (Upto Rs. 4,000) - 90%

Continuing Education and Training > Rs.4,000 - 90%

Education Sponsorship


Events (Upto Rs 4000)

Events > RS 4000

Event Sponsorship

Co-working Space

Desk Rent/ Co-Working Space

Co-Working Stipend

Child care Allowance

Child care Allowance

Child care allowance

Computing Device

Repair and Maintenance 75%

Repair and Maintenance.

Bills filed for reimbursement must include the company name

Axelerant Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

GST Number can be included (If possible) 07AAHCA1511E1ZB.

While the shipping address can be of the team members, the billing name must include the name of the company.