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Specific feedback is an act of kindness. – Michael Cannon

One-on-One Basics

A great, constructive one-on-one (1-1) session is where we demonstrate that we genuinely care about the other person, which means taking the time to know what's important to them and what drives them. As such, during the conversation, do more listening than talking. When speaking, ask good questions to elicit underlying information to help you better understand the situation and how to move forward.


Be aware of the unintended consequences of informal feedback.

Tips for Successful One-on-One

  • Always share an agenda before the 1-1 meeting time

  • 1-1s are about conversations, feedback, and recognition that matter, not status updates

  • Trust begins with active listening and a calm presence

  • Create a safe space to speak openly, and bring polite candor

  • Clear the network load so the video works, and we can see each other

  • Wrap up the 1-1 by writing down notes while conversations are still fresh in your mind

  • Document specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-bound (SMART) expectations for agreed actions