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  • The Goal¬†

  • The Purpose (behind the Goal)

  • The Action Items to Accomplish the Goal

  • The Timelines

  • Periodic Review Feedback timelines

The Action Plan is created by the team member receiving the feedback with the manager's support. The manager is strongly advised to avoid 'Do as I say' or 'Do as I do' practices. The manager should discuss an action plan and how the team member plans to make it happen.


Action plan shared by the team member: The team member responds to the feedback on Leapsome with an agreed-upon action plan.

Periodic ReviewsFeedback: It is advised that the manager sets up a review feedback meeting with the team member once in two weeks to review check on the implementation of the action plan periodically. Positive feedback needs to be given where improvements are observed. The manager also needs to reinforce areas that continue to require development.