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  1. Use the Mavenlink project Axelerant/Beach [INTERNAL] to track your non-project activities.

    1. This project is open for all.

    2. Add yourself to the project by clicking Join Project.

  2. You can log time on any of the tasks below (indicative list). It is recommended to provide a clear description when logging time. 

    1. Career Development for Training, Learnings, Certification, Coaching, career manager 1-1s, and Mentoring calls (with Manager/peers).

    2. Knowledge Sharing/Contributions for Show & Tell, Hackathons, Blogs, Code/non-code contributions to Open Source/Axelerant handbook, Axelerant Offsites, and Community events.

    3. Onboarding & Engagement for Axelerant Onboarding, Onboarding buddy calls, Donut Buddy Calls, Webinar, Watercooler conversation/Happy hours, and Virtual meetups.

    4. Organizational Support & Other Activities for Housekeeping (Slack & Email), Recruitment, resolving #internal-support issues, general delivery operations activities such as DO ticket creation and collaboration (eg. issue with ML, Jira, Account/engagement etc), taking interviews, meetings/workshops related to taking interviews, decision making, improvements to interview tests, service area/function level initiatives such as creating guidelines, best practices, and templates about that function/domain., and supporting RFPs and pre-sales activities.

  3. In case you have questions, reach out to the DO service desk.