Code of Conduct

Axelerant’s community of team members and alumni are expected to behave in a way that protects the safety and well-being, our peers, clients, and their customers while ensuring efficient business operations. We expect our people to treat each other as respected and trustworthy people we can speak candidly with.

At the base of Axelerant’s community member actions, we look to the following core aspects: inspiration.

  • Act in Axelerant’s best interest.

  • Be mindful of the differences amongst ourselves.

  • Treat this company and its people preciously.

And, when better guidance is required, we create

Unacceptable Behavior

Axelerant has zero tolerance for professional ethics breaches, safe space violations, and the following examples of unacceptable behavior.

  • Discrimination: demeaning, intimidating, racist, sexist, or threatening behaviors

  • Disrespect: treating others in a highly disrespectful or discourteous manner, using abusive language

  • Harassment: bullying, sexual, or any other form of indecent harassment 

  • Incompetence: failure to meet job performance standards, severe misuse of judgment, despite training

  • Insobriety: reporting for work under the influence of alcohol, drugs

  • Insubordination: refusal to follow work instructions, role-related activities 

  • Negligence: failing to report to work at assigned times, misusing company time, and delaying projects 

Ultimately, Axelerant community members are expected to treat people fairly, and when that trust is broken, our or comes into play as a consequence.