Health Insurance, India

Please get to know more about our current Group Health Insurance Policy coverage and other details by referring to the below document and attached PPT.

  • Claim procedure

  • Cashless & Non-cashless process

  • List of hospitals covered

  • Claims covered and not covered and other FAQs

You can use the chat option on your Plum portal for any queries related to your insurance plan or claims. Or for questions related to Policy, refer to the Policy document above.

Team members guide on how to use PLUM Insurance

Here’s a video library with demo videos for Team Members on how to use PLUM Platform

Which midterm endorsement request is allowed?

Addition: newly married spouse, newborn child
Deletion: separated spouse, deceased family members

We request on either of the above scenarios kindly inform within 15 days and update the “Dependents” details section on ZOHO people.

Any other mid-term endorsements cannot be added as per the guidelines of CARE insurance.

LGBTQ Coverage is now a part of Axelerant Group health insurance effective October 23, 2021

In case of emergencies (e.g., on the way to the hospital), reach out to the Plum team at 08047170505 to answer all your insurance-related questions.

Note: This is a hotline number and should be used only in case of emergencies.

Non-Insurance Benefits

PLUM offers many non-insurance benefits by partnering with best-in-class health ecosystem partners. You can check out all of these non-insurance benefits by logging into your Plum portal and visiting the Health benefits section.

  • Annual Health Check-Ups

  • Telehealth

  • Wellness Programs

  • Unlimited Dental Consultations

  • Discounted Health Check-Up

  • Discounted Medicines

For all questions, contact