FAQs – Benefits, Policies and Tools

FAQs for Bring Your Own Device

  • Will the company purchase the device on behalf of the employee, or do we still have the option to purchase it ourselves and get it reimbursed?
    The company can purchase the device on your behalf, but you will still have the option to purchase it yourself and then apply for reimbursement.

  • What are the eligibility criteria for the years completed before anyone can opt for a second device?

We have not set any eligibility criteria for the second device. It will be based on a case-to-case basis or, rather, a need basis. You can apply for a device the second time if it is beyond repair after trying all alternate methods to make it work.

  • Can I opt for any other device different from those recommended by Axelerant?
    Yes, you can opt for other devices. But such a request should be in line with your work and requirements and would need the approval of your service area lead.

  • Why do we have such a long delivery timeline of 4 weeks?
    The recommended MacBook Pro is a customizable device, and the vendors can deliver it only after four weeks once the order is placed.

FAQs for other benefits

  • Can I avail of the Co-working allowance and buy a Home-office set-up (furniture)?

  • Yes, you can

    • avail both the Co-working assistance and purchase furniture/Office set-up for your home office.

    • The same applies to all other benefits; all of the Benefits can be simultaneously availed during a given financial year.

  • How should I utilize the Continuing Education Allowance budget of 3% of my fixed annual salary?

    • You can buy books or courses that help you grow in your current role. You can take a workshop or certification to help you excel in your current role and prepare for the next level.

    • If you love reading books, you can also buy a Kindle under this policy to enjoy all the Kindle version books at discounted prices.

  • When am I eligible to apply for a Short-Term Financial Support with Axelerant? What is the procedure?
    When you have been with Axelerant for over one year, and based on Axelerant's cash flow and your situation, you can request interest-free financial assistance of up to 10% of your annual pay for a four-month period at People Operations discretion. Apply via People Service Desk

FAQs for Expenses Reimbursement


  • How to submit a claim on Zoho Expense?
    Check out the step-wise instructions and demo video given here.

  • What is the last date to submit my Expense claims?
    We process the Reimbursements; that is, we reimburse the payments between 16-17th of every month. Hence, you should submit your claims before the 12th of every month.

  • When are expenses reimbursed?
    For team members in India, all reimbursement claims are reviewed by the 15th of the month, and the reimbursement amount is processed between the 16th-17th of the month.
    For team members outside India, all reimbursement claims are paid along with monthly payments.

FAQs for Tools

  • I’m unable to log in to 1Password/I forgot my password and cannot reset the password.
    If you cannot log in, please email people@axelerant.com or create a ticket stating the issue with a screenshot and ask the team to reset your 1Password account. You will receive a link via email to log in once the People Operations team completes the password recovery.

  • I’ve added my Bank details to Zoho People, but my Zoho Payroll account is inactive.
    Zoho Payroll takes 24 hours to sync with Zoho People. Once the sync is successful, the People Operations team adds the bank details manually from the backend on Day 2. Moreover, details such as DOB/PAN/Aadhar/Father’s name/Residential address/location, etc., are mandatory to be added to Zoho Payroll. And when this information is missing, it could take another day to update all the info and get the Payroll account ready.
    Hence, you can wait till Day 3 of your joining to check out your Zoho payroll account, and if you don’t have access even then, please email people@axelerant.com or create a ticket here.

FAQs related to Tax exemptions (IT declaration and Proof of Investment submissions)