We genuinely value personal growth, self-discovery, and the occasional need to step back from work. If you choose a sabbatical, we're eagerly looking forward to welcoming you back, re-energized, and brimming with fresh perspectives.

A sabbatical is like a pause button in your Axelerant journey. You may choose to take this option for whatever personal reason. 

Talk to your coach and managers, and if a sabbatical is what you need and you are sure about it, go ahead and apply. 

It's entirely up to you. Hit the pause for whatever you want to do—or not do.


Full-time team members with three years of continuous service qualify for a sabbatical.


Sabbaticals range from one to four months. 

The time frame can't be extended because of economic infeasibility; even as team members remain on sabbatical, we continue their medical insurance premiums, gratuity, etc.

Team members are expected to join work on the date mentioned and approved in their sabbatical leave request.


Please work with your reporting/career manager to complete the following checklist for your sabbatical leave application:

  1. Plan: We recommend that you plan your transition at least a quarter in advance with your respective reporting manager.

  2. Inform: Email and cc your respective reporting + career manager with whom you’re having the conversations. Provide all the relevant details so the team can take further action.


  • Axelerant's medical insurance will continue to cover you and your dependents. 

  • Your consolidated leave will be prorated to 3.3 days per month

  • Pension contributions, such as IRA, PF/VPF, etc., will not be made during this period.

  • According to the Payment of Gratuity Act of 1972, sabbatical leave does not interrupt service continuity and will not affect the gratuity amount.

  • Sabbaticals will not affect your appraisal or promotion cycles.

  • Sabbaticals are paid for up to one month when team members pursue studies. Other reasons are unpaid.

Axelerant Property

We expect you to hold onto any Axelerant property in a responsible manner.

Exceptional Situation

In case a business situation arises, we will explore with you whether an early return is possible.