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Reimbursement type



Computing Device Policy

Repairs and Maintenance 75%

Computing Device Policy

Health & Wellness

Health and Wellness 75%

Fitness Allowance

In-Person Team meet up

Team Meetup=1

Team Meetup=2

Team Meetup >2

In-Person Team Meetup

Home Office Setup

BYOD Infrastructure 85%

Home office Allowance

Continuing Education/ Additional Certifications/Books/Courses

Continuing Education and Training (Upto Up to Rs. 4,000) -90%


Continuing Education and Training > Rs.4,000 - 90%

Education Sponsorship

Event Sponsorship

Events (Upto Up to Rs 4000)

Events > RS 4000

Event Sponsorship

Annual Retreat

Retreat Expenses

Annual Retreat (Year)

Co-working Space

Desk Rent/ Co-Working Space

Co-Working Stipend

Software Subscription

Dues & Subscriptions (Employees)

Software Subscription

Recommended Certification

Recommended Certifications

Recommended Certification

Child care Allowance

Child care Allowance

Child care allowance

Computing Device

Repair and Maintenance 75%

Repair and Maintenance.

Bills filed for reimbursement must include the company name