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  • Axelerant appreciates, respects, and supports every aspect of diversity.

  • Axelerant believes equity means fair and just practices.

  • Axelerant has no tolerance for discriminatory behavior without cause.

  • Axelerant welcomes everyone who adds to our culture and role expectations.

  • We foster a globally aware team.

How can I be more inclusive?

As aptly put by Fairforce in their 7 Ways to be More Inclusive in your Everyday Life article, inclusion is a set of measures, large and small, that can be easily integrated into the professional realm and everyday life. Here are seven simple strategies to become more aware of inclusivity daily. Thank you for being open to them.


Get started with Buffer’s An Incomplete Guide to Inclusive Language for Startups and Tech; it’s not always necessary to fret over every word.

Speaking Up

When people believe they have been the target or witness of conscious/unconscious bias or discrimination, we encourage you to address that behavior.


When escalation is required, refer to our Safe Space.