Taking Leave & Planning Time Off

We want team members to take breaks, spend quality time with their friends and family, and do what they love because happy and rejuvenated team members do better work. There is no Leave Encashment.

Suggested Leave Taking

  • When you have not taken any time off within 3-months, we recommend you take 3-days off.

  • Less than a week was taken off within the past 6-months, we recommend you take a week off.

Leave Considerations

  • When requesting a month or more of time off, ask at least 90 days ahead of time

  • When ordering a week of time off, ask at least 30 days ahead of time

  • When asking a day off, ask at least 7 days ahead of time

Once you know your desired time off, discuss concerns like role coverage, knowledge transfer, and hand-offs with your team and leadership. Then, apply for your leave. And, when a last-minute break happens, make sure to still use it.

How do I apply for leave?

Project Overtime Time Off

See Compensatory Day Off.