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We at Axelerant believe in sharing knowledge in the hope that others can find something that works for them and is aligned with what Peter Drucker shares.

The basic economic resource is no longer capital or natural resources, or labor. It is and will be knowledge.

We encourage you to share your thoughts and questions. Axelerant is an empowering, people-oriented professional services organization delivering sustainable value for our clients.

And, when you’re looking to do something different and have someone invest in you, consider joining us by learning more at

The pages you find below are genuine and evolving as we do because we’re looking at them every day. As such, some specific information access will have to wait until you’ve joined us.

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Key Acknowledgments

Thank you to the professionals at GitLab, CivicActions, Fractured Atlas, Know Your Team, ConvivioMeetEdgar, and other kind and open organizations that have published their handbooks publicly. These examples have given us valuable insights into what should be included, how others are doing it, and why it matters—thank you.