Axelerant’s year is from April 1 until March 31. And benefits are typically pro-rated upon joining.

Work from Anywhere

Work from anywhere in the world and keep your career rolling wherever you go.

Anniversary and Birthday Gifts

Expect to be surprised on your birthday and service anniversary. Your gifts will vary based on the length of your service tenure.

Annual Offsites

Throughout the year, departments and teams gather together for paid fun and collaborations.

Child Care Allowance

Starting October 1, 2021, we reimburse child care up to INR 5,000/$100 USD per month per child. Children up to and including 5-years-old qualify. More at

Competitive Local Salaries

We review localized industry salaries annually to ensure we’re paying competitively for your skills and experience in every role of ours. Why we localize.

Computing Device Assistance

We provide 75% purchasing assistance for devices, related additional accessories, warranty, and repair costs for equipment used on Axelerant’s behalf. Learn more about the Device policy.

Continuing Education, Event, and Training Allowance

We’ll cover up to 3% of your yearly salary annually for your buying books, obtaining certifications beyond those deemed mandatory, professional organization membership, or taking classes to further your capabilities. More on Certification Testing reimbursement.

  • For general purchases below INR 3600/$50 USD, you can directly file for expense reimbursement.

    • E.g., education, event, and training purchases and enablement subscriptions, like Grammarly.

  • For greater amounts of education and training reimbursement, apply through this form.

  • For event sponsorship, follow the guidance here.

Axelerant will reimburse up to 13,999 INR/$150 USD for a reading device like the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite as a part of your 3% continuing education allowance.

Co-Working Stipend

Axelerant will pay up to INR 8000/$200 USD monthly towards renting a co-working space.

Employee Provident Fund (India)

We contribute INR 1800 monthly towards your provident fund account for securing your future income after retirement.

Family Medical Coverage (India)

We provide medical insurance cover for all team members and their immediate family, inclusive of parents. More at

Gratuity (India)

We grant team members who have completed five years of uninterrupted continuous service gratuity as defined under the incumbent Payment Of Gratuity Act 1972. Details at Gratuity (India).

Health & Wellness Allowance

Axelerant will reimburse up to INR 12,000/$300 USD annually for you to pick your preferred way to stay fit physically and psychologically. It can be fitness gear, gym or studio membership, digital subscriptions, or any activity you do to relieve stress.

Home Office Setup

Axelerant will reimburse up to INR 30,000/$400 USD in one-time allowance, required to create a comfortable work environment within your existing work from anywhere structure.

Details at

Life Event Gifts

More surprise rewards for when life happens in a big way, like marriage and childbirth.


When you have been with Axelerant for more than two years, you can take a 24-month loan for 20% of your annual pay with a flexible repayment plan and a favorable interest rate upon People Management leadership approval. Apply for a loan by creating a ticket on People Service Desk.

Lots of Leave

  • Consolidated Leave (Earned/Regular Leave) - 35 days annually

  • Maternity Leave - 16-26 weeks

  • Paternity Leave - 10 days

  • Volunteer Leave - 1 day annually

  • Additional Leave - E.g., medical Leave, sabbatical, study time, etc.

  • Force Majeure Leave - when relevant

  • Kindness Leave - when relevant

  • Bereavement Leave - 5 days annually

  • Care Giver Leave - 10 days annually

Details at

Sales Referrals

Axelerant will pay 2% of the first CLOSED-WON deal of any new account which isn’t active in our customer relationship management (CRM) tool to the referring person after 50% of expected payments have been received. All team members except those of Customer Success, Marketing, and Sales are eligible for the Sales Referrals benefit.

Software Subscriptions

Create a ticket on People Service Desk for any subscriptions and additional hardware needed for you to do your work better.

Team Meet-Ups Allowance

Monthly team meetup (more than 1 Axelerant team member) allowance of INR 1000/$25 USD per person, or INR 1500/$50 USD when accompanied by a family member (we encourage family attendance). 

Team Member Referrals

  • Axelerant will pay 2% of a new hire’s annual gross salary to their referring person after that new team member reaches 100 days at Axelerant.

  • All team members, except recruiters and the new hire’s group leadership, like a director, are eligible for the referral benefit.

  • When the team member you referred has completed 100 days at Axelerant, email for processing your Referral Bonus.

Long Service Recognition

Axelerant is happy and excited to announce long service awards to value milestones achieved by our team members, effective 1st Jan 2022. This award is to say thank you for your valuable contributions made to achieving the company's goals.
So, in appreciation for the completion of every 3 years of work, we will provide team members a monetary award in the addition of INR 30,000 for Indian folks/ $500 USD for other locations.

For Eg:

  • Every 3 yrs Anniversary - 30000 INR/$500 - Cash Award

  • 6th Anniversary - 60000 INR/$1000 - Cash Award + Gift Basket

  • 9th Anniversary - 90000 INR/$1500 - Cash Award+ Gift Basket

  • Every 10 yrs Anniversary - One month off + Memorabilia

Contractor Benefits