Axelerant is committed to offering meaningful benefits that cater to you and your career. We strive to accommodate your requests to the best of our ability.

Axelerant's fiscal year is from April 1 until March 31, and benefits are typically prorated upon joining.

Work from Anywhere

Work from anywhere and keep your career rolling wherever you go.

Competitive Local Salaries

We review localized industry salaries annually to ensure we're paying competitively for your skills and experience in every role – why we localize.

Time Off

Time off from work is beneficial for a healthy life balance. Not taking time off often leads to burning yourself out and becoming a single point of failure. Please demonstrate humility in your role, foster collaboration, train others, and document and explain your work.

Lead by example, returning to Axelerant with renewed energy to do your best work! And when you think someone else should take a break, encourage them to do so. 

For audit and compliance purposes, all team members must use our leave management system by Timetastic as the single source of truth to accurately track and communicate time off. 

Consolidated Leave

Consolidated Leave is Axelerant's naming of a combined leave pool for casual, earned, holidays, bereavement, volunteer, caregiver, marriage, force majeure, menstrual, mental health, sick, or other leave purposes.

Every full-time member of the Axelerant team is entitled to 40 days of Consolidated Leave each year. Up to 10 days of unused leave can be carried over to the next year so that a team member can have up to 50 consolidated leaves at any time.

The leave cycle for each team member begins on their joining date.

Maternity, Adoption, and Miscarriage Leave

The maximum paid period for which any pregnant person is entitled to Maternity Leave is sixteen (16) weeks, of which not more than eight (8) weeks shall precede the expected delivery date. Up to twelve (12) weeks for a third child and beyond.

A person who legally adopts a child below the age of two years is entitled to Maternity Leave for twelve (12) weeks starting a week before the child's arrival.

A person who miscarried a child is entitled to Maternity Leave for six (6) weeks beginning the day of their miscarriage.

Paternity, Adoption Leave

The maximum paid period for any paternity person to be entitled to Paternity Leave is ten (10) days during pre- and post-natal childbirth days.

A person who legally adopts a child below the age of two years is entitled to Paternity Leave for ten (10) days starting a week before the child's arrival.

Kindness Leave

The Kindness Leave is for full-time Axelerant team members facing emergencies or requiring health and wellness leave in which all other leave options have been exhausted.

Leave Without Pay

Leave Without Pay is time away from work without compensation for less than 20 days in any given year. 


Full-time team members with three years of continuous service qualify for a sabbatical.


Further in-depth information on Axelerant's Leave policy and the expected etiquette when taking leave can be found in This resource provides comprehensive guidance to ensure clarity and support for everyone in navigating leave processes smoothly.

Anniversary, Birthday, and Life Event Gifts

Expect to be surprised on your birthday, service anniversary, and life events such as marriage and childbirth. Your gifts will vary based on the length of your service tenure.

Child Care

We reimburse child care up to INR 5,000/USD 100 per month per child. Children up to five years old qualify—more at

The Childcare allowance for a team member and their spouse, if both are Axelerant team members, will be INR 5,000/USD 100 per month to be reimbursed to either parent.

Computing Device 

At Axelerant, we provide you with a device ideally suited to your role, a little something to make your journey with us even smoother. This device, handpicked for you, becomes yours to keep after you've been with us for three years. If your path leads you elsewhere before celebrating this third anniversary with us, we'll gently retrieve the device, hoping it has served you well.

As you continue growing with us beyond these three years, we're here to listen should you need a new device. Reach out via People Service Desk, and with your career managers, we'll thoughtfully decide whether a new device is the best way forward.

Additional information on the Computing Device Policy.

Continuing Education and Training 

We'll provide up to 2% of your annual fixed salary for buying books, obtaining certifications, and taking classes to further your capabilities beyond what Axelerant offers. 

  • You can directly file for expense reimbursement for spends below INR 4000/ USD 50.

  • If the amounts are greater, please apply through this form, and your career manager and L&D leadership (in the case of courses, certifications, or training) are required to approve the expense. 

  • Axelerant is delighted to support your professional growth and well-being by covering 90% of expenses, up to a limit of 2% of your annual fixed salary, under this benefit. We ask that you contribute the remaining 10%. This approach ensures that you have substantial support while investing in your development and wellness. 

  • This is a fully recoverable benefit in case the team member initiates separation in three months from the last expense.  


We will reimburse up to INR 40,000 / USD 500 towards event attendance. 

  • This benefit applies to local, virtual, and global events relevant to your job profile.

  • You can directly file for expense reimbursement for spends below INR 4000/USD 50.

  • If the amounts are greater, please apply through this form, as your career manager's approval is required.

  • Sharing your post-event insights and takeaways with Axelerant, whether through articles or a recorded knowledge-sharing event.

A separate budget is allocated for revenue-focused events


Axelerant will contribute up to INR 12000/USD 200 monthly towards the rental of co-working spaces. This allowance covers desk space rentals only. 

We strive to create a professional work environment for our team and will only cover commercial facilities that meet such standards. 

Health & Wellness 

Axelerant is committed to your holistic well-being. 

We'll reimburse up to INR 18,000/USD 250 annually for your fitness and wellness activities. You can choose how to stay healthy, from gym memberships, yoga, or art classes to mental health apps. 

We will cover 75% of your costs up to a limit of INR 18,000/USD 250 and ask you to pitch in 25%. 

Home Office Setup

Axelerant is here to support your work-from-anywhere experience! We offer a one-time allowance of up to INR 45,000/USD 500 in your first year of employment with us to help you create a comfortable and ergonomic workspace. Choose the necessary equipment – from chairs, desks, additional screens/keyboards/mouse, or lighting. 

Top-ups of up to INR 15000/USD 200 would be available for you every three years.

We will cover 85% of your costs and ask you to pitch in 15%. 

Sales Referrals

Axelerant will pay 2% of the first CLOSED-WON deal of any new account in our customer relationship management (CRM) tool to the referring person after receiving 50% of the expected payments. All team members except Account Management, Marketing, and Sales are eligible for the Sales Referrals benefit.

Team Member Referrals

  • Axelerant will pay 2% of a new hire's annual fixed salary to their referring person after the new team member has worked 100 days at Axelerant.

  • All team members, except recruiters, the new hire's group leadership, and interview panel members, are eligible for the referral benefit.

  • When the team member you referred has completed 100 days at Axelerant, file a people desk ticket to process your Referral Bonus.

Tools and Software Subscriptions

Create a ticket on the People Service Desk for any subscriptions or additional hardware you or your team need to improve your work efficiency. Additional information on Tools And Subscriptions guidelines.

Short-Term Financial Support

After being with Axelerant for over one year, and based on Axelerant's cash flow and your situation, you can seek interest-free financial assistance of up to 10% of your annual pay for a four-month period. 

In-Person Team Meetups

Axelerant supports monthly in-person location meetups with at least two Axelerant members. We'll cover the expenses:

  • Up to INR 1200/USD 25 per person.

  • Bringing a plus one? Get INR 2000 / USD 40 (one guest)

  • Or INR 2500/USD 50 (multiple guests).

Recharge Recess

Teams are encouraged to organize fun and interactive virtual team bonding activities via our people engagement team. For more details, refer to Recharge Recess

Contractor Benefits


Additional India Team Member Benefits

Employee Provident Fund

We contribute INR 1800 monthly towards your provident fund account. Team members can also opt for Voluntary Provident Fund (VPF) to contribute additional funds towards their Provident Fund account. See Voluntary Provident Fund (VPF).

Family, including Parental Medical Coverage

Refer .


We grant team members who have completed five years of uninterrupted continuous service gratuity as defined under the incumbent Payment Of Gratuity Act 1972—details at Gratuity (India).

Maternity Leave

The maximum paid period for which any pregnant person is entitled to Maternity Leave is twenty-six (26) weeks for the first two (2) children, of which not more than eight weeks shall precede the expected delivery date.

Additional Canada Team Member Benefits

Family Medical Coverage


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