Expenses & Travel Reimbursement

When you have incurred expenses, they will be reimbursed, subject to approval by peer vetting.

  • Team members traveling on Axelerant's behalf should do so in a convenient, cost-effective manner.

    • Event and travel-related reimbursements should have leadership approval.

  • Team members will be reimbursed for expenses incurred on Axelerant's behalf promptly upon submission and approval by peer vetting.

    • Expenses not requested within 45 days of their occurrence may forfeit reimbursement.

  • Axelerant's checklist: International travel made easy

  • Plan to reduce effort and expenses

  • Do your best to ensure receipts exists of every expenditure.

In short, always act in Axelerant’s best interest when spending its money, to have no reimbursement concerns.

I want a subscription to…

Please contact People Management via the Help Desk to request our setting up direct payment for services or subscriptions or acquiring a one-time use credit card number. You should then raise the invoices on ZOHO Expense for record purposes.

How do I submit a reimbursement request?

How do I request travel tickets:

  • Please contact People Operations via the Help Desk to request for booking your travel tickets.

  • Mention the necessary details like source location, destination, preferred flight timings, preferred seat, number of travelers, specific flight preferences, etc., in the request.

  • After the submission of the request, the People Operations team will…

    • Check the details and reach out to you if any further information is required.

    • Book the travel tickets on the team member’s behalf via Make My Trip business portal.

    • Once the travel ticket is booked on your behalf by the People Operations team, the travel ticket will be received by team members via e-mail.

Tips for Selecting Your Travel Tickets Options:

  • Air & Rail Travel: When choosing your travel tickets, it is recommended to opt for economy class or second class on all routes. This helps in minimizing expenses while still providing a comfortable travel experience.

  • Upgrade Option: If you prefer a higher class, team members have the flexibility to upgrade their ticket by paying the cost difference between the class fare on their ticket. This allows you to enjoy additional amenities and services if desired.

  • Overnight Train Travel: Consider taking a lesser expensive overnight train for your journey whenever it is a viable option. Overnight trains can provide a cost-effective way to travel while saving on accommodation expenses.

Accommodation Costs 

  • Lodging choices should meet the assignment requirements for security, communications, and location—while not being classified as exclusive or luxurious.

  • Search via Airbnb or a relevant system for comfortable accommodation in your area

  • Go for Twin-sharing rooms instead of single rooms when traveling with a group

What does Michael do?

I don’t use Airbnb as much as I used to because America’s pricing is often not competitive with my Marriott hotel brand stays. As a backup, I use http://Booking.com , which now has residential stays.

Check out https://www.findingtheuniverse.com/alternatives-to-airbnb/ for further flat-finding ideas.


Association & Membership Fees

  • We encourage you to join relevant associations for your career. I.e., Drupal Association

  • In some cases, Axelerant may require reasonably demonstrated contributions for fee coverage.

Miscellaneous Expenses

  • Excess baggage charges, except for specific Axelerant purposes, will be on travelers.

  • Entertainment expenses require peer vetting.

  • Necessary COVID or pandemic-related testing fees

  • Necessary insurance costs for international travel or rental cars. 

Other Transportation

  • Taxis and Cabs

    • Taxicab usage is permitted while traveling for event purposes between events, meals, lodging and return.

  • Opt for reasonable rental or transportation cost

    • Corporate account for car rentals: Enterprise/National XZ10AXL

  • Personal Vehicle

    • Team members may use their vehicles on business trips

    • Carpool to keep overall trip expenses reduced

    • Axelerant will reimburse fuel and toll fees

    • Private vehicle travel costs should be less than the combined transportation fare of all personal vehicle travelers.

Per Diem Allowance

While traveling for work, there are often many unplanned miscellaneous expenses. Therefore, all team members are eligible for a daily INR 1500/USD 30 per diem allowance.

Per diem allowance can be for meals, snacks, transportation like taxis, and other relevant minor travel expenses beyond accommodation and travel fares. The per diem allowance is a reimbursable expense and requires receipts as per How do I submit a reimbursement request?

Typical not reimbursed expenses

For special consideration, ask for peer vetting to gain reimbursement approval.

  • Boarding fees for pets

  • Babysitting fees

  • Commuting between home and office

  • Traffic or parking tickets unrelated to Axelerant

  • Frequent traveler program fees

  • Navigational systems in hire cars

  • Airline club membership fees, premium lounge expenses

  • In-room movies, entertainment, etc.

  • Personal items lost, stolen, or damaged while traveling.

  • Medications or prescriptions, travel kits

  • Transportation, duties, taxes, or other fees associated with non-Axelerant shipments

Are there exceptions?

Any exceptions will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis through peer vetting.

Please contact People Operations via the Help Desk to request further assistance.