Open Source Contribution

Open Source is not sustainable unless people contribute back to the project and/or community. Drupal Contribute

Goal and Mission

To ensure we understand the importance of open-source contributions and get actively involved with the community regarding contributions.

Why should you contribute?

  1. Quickly learn how to write clean, readable, and maintainable code.

  2. Gain community-wide recognition and appreciation.

  3. Get a chance to connect with all the like-minded individuals in the community. Build a network of your choice.

  4. The best way to understand the technology you are working on is by diving deep into the codebase on which you build your application.

  5. Understand how cost-effecti’s reputation.

  6. Makes you a very confident developer once you start getting acceptance at a global level.

  7. Add a noticeable point to your resume and build an outstanding portfolio.

  8. Payback to the community.

  9. Turn your ideas into life by deciding to go open source.

Still not convinced? How about your resume? Check your resume and remove all the open-source projects from the skills section, as they wouldn’t exist if nobody were interested in contributing back.

How to contribute?

  1. Code Contribution: Fixing bugs, adding features, reviewing PR or patches, and doing integrations.

  2. Documentation and Blogging: Helping with documentation, writing about how to use or do something particular.

  3. Support Channels: Being very active on Slack, Stack overflow, IRC, or any other forum used by the community.

  4. Get Involved: Join Slack, meetups, attend conferences, and organize events.

  5. Mentoring: Help the beginners understand the project better.

Getting Help

  1. Join #guild-contributions for all the critical updates and collaboration regarding contributions.

  2. Check up with Service Area Leads and peers regarding an open-source contribution opportunity.

Useful Resources