Submit Expense Claims via Xero

Discover how to smoothly submit expense reimbursements with supporting documents using Xero's expense claim. Check out our helpful demo video for a hassle-free claiming experience.


  1. Log in to Xero.

  2. Create a New Expense.

  3. Upload supporting documents.

  4. Fill in details:

    • Purchase Amount: Convert to USD.

    • Description: Expense category. (Refer to ‘Reimbursement type’ column from the below table).

    • Spent At: Vendor or Shop Name mentioned in the Invoice attached.

    • Spent on: Date of Invoice.

    • Account: Expense category. (Refer to ‘Account’ column from the below table).

  5. Saving the draft lets you add more attachments later.

  6. Once Finalize click "Submit."

Guidelines for selecting Category and Reference for types of reimbursement

Reimbursement type



Reimbursement type



Computing Device Policy

Repairs and Maintenance 75%

Computing Device Policy

Health & Wellness

Health and Wellness 75%

Fitness Allowance

In-Person Team meet up

Team Meetup=1

Team Meetup=2

Team Meetup >2

In-Person Team Meetup

Home Office Setup

BYOD Infrastructure 85%

Home office Allowance

Continuing Education/ Certifications/Books/Courses

Continuing Education and Training (Up to Rs. 4,000) -90%


Continuing Education and Training > Rs.4,000 - 90%

Education Sponsorship

Event Sponsorship

Events (Up to Rs 4000)

Events > RS 4000

Event Sponsorship

Annual Retreat

Retreat Expenses

Annual Retreat (Year)

Co-working Space

Desk Rent/ Co-Working Space

Co-Working Stipend

Software Subscription

Dues & Subscriptions (Employees)

Software Subscription

Recommended Certification

Recommended Certifications

Recommended Certification

Child care Allowance

Child care Allowance

Child care allowance

Computing Device

Repair and Maintenance 75%

Repair and Maintenance.


Bills filed for reimbursement must include the company name

For Canadian locations use the entity name "Axelerant Technologies Canada Inc" and for other locations, team members can use "Axelerant Technologies Inc"

While the shipping address can be of the team members, the billing name must include the name of the company.