Voluntary Provident Fund, India

Voluntary Provident Fund (VPF) Guidelines:

  • VPF Option:

    • Team members have the option to participate in the Voluntary Provident Fund. This allows them to contribute additional funds towards their Provident Fund account voluntarily.

  • Employer's Share:

    • The employer's share towards the Provident Fund will remain at INR 1800 monthly.

  • Employee’s Share:

    • Team members can contribute a maximum of up to 100% of their Basic Salary towards VPF.

Steps to apply and manage your additional contributions:

  1. Contact People Operations via the People Service Desk to request VPF.

  2. Confirm Your Request: Provide your confirmation of wanting to avail of VPF with the specific amount you wish to contribute each month.

  3. Choose Starting Month: Specify the month when you want the VPF deductions to begin.