Bring Your Own Device

As Axelerant maintains a minimal asset base, we enable you to use your computing resources, called bring your own device (BYOD).

In using your device, we require you to follow the We will reimburse you for things like anti-virus and remote management to connect and protect our customer's data securely.

We further provide distributed development environments to collaborate and work on projects, thereby avoiding local infrastructure issues that do not scale to meet today's complex application needs.

Laptops, Phones, and Tablets

Before your joining date, Axelerant will assist you in obtaining a pre-configured MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, phone, and tablet relevant to your role. We have standardized our hardware to be successful with minimal fuss and as part of our long-term infrastructure management and security strategy.

When you ignore Axelerant's device selection, your unsupported choices may negatively impact you.


  • The onboarding team will contact you post-offer acceptance to determine your device needs.

    • Devices tend to have a 4-week lead time before you receive them.

    • When needed sooner, let us know.

  • Axelerant covers 75% of the pre-configured device cost.

  • The team member's remaining 25% balance becomes a 12-month salary draw at zero interest.


Axelerant will cover 75% of repair costs. However, you should acquire a new device when repair costs are near or more than a new purchase.

  • Repair the device

  • File for expense reimbursement for the appropriate repair amount under the category BYOD & Repair.

  • When a repair hampers your work, source a rental device and apply for reimbursement.

  • When you need to order a temporary new device, kindly expect two weeks for delivery.

Terms & Conditions

BYOD falls under the Reimbursable Benefits as mentioned under Exceptional Situations. According to this, when BYOD is used within one year of leaving Axelerant for reasons other than death or termination without cause, the BYOD benefits are reimbursable, or devices are returned to Axelerant.


Will the company purchase the device on behalf of the employee, or do we still have the option to purchase it ourselves and get it reimbursed?

It is strongly recommended that Axelerant purchase the device on your behalf to save money mutually. You may buy it yourself and apply for reimbursement.

What are the eligibility criteria regarding the number of years to be completed before anyone can opt for another device?

We have not set any eligibility criteria for another device. Solely, the manager approved.

Yes, you can opt for another device. But such a request should align with your work and requirements and be manager-approved.

Why do we have such a long delivery timeline of 4 weeks?

The recommended MacBook Pro is a customized device.

Is there a limit on the number of devices covered by BYOD?

No, given that your additional devices are manager-approved.