Key Performance Indicators

Starting April 2023, role-based KPIs will become metrics that support Leapsome’s performance review system using 360º data and feedback collection toward consistent, fair standards.

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Introducing Key Performance Indicators

Key Performance Indicators (KPI) provide actionable information towards desirable outcomes and behaviors rather than activities to prevent gamification and ensure genuine value creation for clients and team members.

A great KPI is not measured by activity but rather by operations and financial excellence. Ownership Thinking.

Well-designed KPIs help ensure alignment and access progress for role expectations, objectives, key results, and other declared goals. Useful KPIs relate to team members' strategic objectives and domain outcomes through collaborative creation and collective buy-in.

Therefore, things like the number of sales calls made or lines of code written don’t suffice—instead, select behavioral indicators of people getting along more fully. Or accounting for customers being actively satisfied as demonstrated by timely acceptance of our deliveries and payment thereof.

E.g., Instead of OfficeVibe’s engagement overall score, the Relationship with Peers score matters more.

Conceptually, just as there are 5 whys for better understanding something, we consider the 5 whats of desires and behaviors towards selecting a solid KPI.

KPI Selection Guidance

  • Of a desired outcome or behavior than activity

  • A few are good; more is not

  • At least 20% weightage

  • KPI data must be practicably accessible

  • A KPI is typically a priority above other important things

KPI Data Sets

See Role KPIs & OKRs FY2021 - 22 for the latest role KPI expectations. Sample of a Drupal Engineer I, their KPIs are defined in the Engineering Services tab as KPI set ENG I.

KPI Glossary

The following are terms and definitions used in KPI identification and sets.


Definition, Source


Definition, Source


Acquire new accounts


Chargeable utilization

BKD Growth

Month-on-Month Booked MQA Meeting Growth


Coached group


Customer Success


Digital Experience

CSM Churn

Customer Success Management Churn

M-CS Satisfaction

Marketing to Customer Success Satisfaction


Computations of the SRC (source) data

DS Adherence

Delivery Services Adherence


Delivery Services Desk CSAT


Happy Team AKA Officevibe Engagement Score by department, DATA Engagement.

CHD Engagement

Officevibe Engagement Score of coached groups


Attaining degree for Engineer Trainees


Revenue Growth by department and organization.

M-HT Satisfaction

Marketing to Hiring Team Stakeholder Satisfaction


Monthly Interactions Social Media Marketer


Monthly Invoicing for Revenue Operations Specialist role


Defined variables

L3 Fill

L3 Time to Fill for Recruitment Ops Specialist

LEAD Growth

Month-on-Month MQA Leads Growth


Leads Growth / Acquire leads through Customer Marketing

MTG Growth

Meeting Growth / Month-on-Month MQA Meeting Growth


Net Promoter Score, DATA NPS, Automation NPS 2020-22.

OB Satisfaction

Onboarding Satisfaction

CHD Growth

Officevibe Personal Growth of coached groups

OV Satisfaction

Officevibe Satisfaction

OV Wellness

Officevibe Wellness

M-M Satisfaction

Marketing to Marketing Team Satisfaction


People Desk CSAT

PO Satisfaction

People Ops to Organization Satisfaction

Recruit Process

Daily/Weekly Process Compliance for Recruitment Ops

M-PO Satisfaction

Marketing to People Operations teams satisfaction

M-R Satisfaction

Marketing to Recruitment teams satisfaction


AGI = Gross Billings - COGS (Contractors, all hard costs including any freelance or contractor fees)

Salaries = All W2 / salary income including owners, costs related to having a person on staff -- any benefits, payroll taxes, perks, etc.)

Overhead = Everything from rent, supplies, travel, entertainment, insurances, etc.

Profit = What’s leftover and usually gets spent on taxes, re-investing in the agency, owner distributions/dividends, and employee bonuses

R Satisfaction

Recruitment Satisfaction

Response Rate

Customer Feedback for Revenue Operations Specialist role


Revenue booked from new accounts for Sales Account Executive Role



S Adherence

Process Adherence for Revenue Operations Specialist

S Churn

Customer Churn within the portfolio for Sales Account Executive Role

M-S Satisfaction

Marketing to Sales Satisfaction

M-SAL Satisfaction

Marketing to Service Area Lead Satisfaction


Stakeholder Satisfaction via a quarterly Leadership Performance Snapshot or Team Member Performance Snapshot, DATA Satisfaction.


Growth of the organization or team size



ST Debt

Staffing Debt for Delivery Staffing Specialist role

ST Loss

Lost Opportunities (Staffing) for Delivery Staffing Specialist role


Happy Directors


Chargeable Utilisation, DATA Utilization.

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KPI Calculations

To prevent KPI outlier scoring, they do not go below zero nor above 200%. Typically, KPI data percentages range from 0% as a failure, 60% as minimally acceptable, 80% as reasonable, 100% as expectations met, and 200% as maximum scoring.


Why do I see a rating of 6.4 out of 8 in the KPI snapshot?

6.4 is 80% of 8, which is the KPI threshold AKA baseline value. When there’s no KPI data, 80% is granted.

Will the assumed 80% KPI achievement negatively impact my salary appraisal?

The KPI aggregate score impacts the salary appraisal percentages. At this time, an aggregate score of 80% has a KPI modifier of 100%. Therefore the appraisal percentage is not negatively impacted. However, the 80% KPI modifier value will tentatively decrease on April 1, 2022, from 100% to 80%.

Ask the @automation-team to investigate when a KPI doesn’t have data for more than a few months.

Why does my name not reflect in the Automation KPI - Utilization, Automation KPI - Satisfaction, or Automation KPI - NPS 2020-22?

Data is captured in near real-time for satisfaction and about weekly for the rest based on feedback from clients, leaders, and peers. Often though, you’ve been at Axelerant less than 100-days, there’s a missing relationship between you and your projects, or a leader hasn’t submitted satisfaction responses. When no entries are found relating to you, ask the @automation-team to investigate.