Career Path

Axelerant strives to provide a positive and challenging environment to fulfill your career growth from hire to retirement. As part of Axelerant taking ownership of career progression, we recognize that the doer’s (individual contributor) and manager’s paths are different. Yet their operations are intertwined and supportive of each other. And each is ultimately responsible for their success.

The Performance Pipeline Model
The Leadership Pipeline Model

Axelerant follows the intent of The Performance Pipeline to determine the most relevant attitudes and outcomes for every level of the organization. From the individual contributor’s delivery of the right things to our managers, ensuring we’re going in the right direction. Each career level at Axelerant hopes to provide the proper challenge to help people be their best.

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Individual Contributor Career Path

The ultimate impact of individual contributors at Axelerant is implementation or support thereof. As in delivering the product or services that add value for all customers–external and internal. And each contributor’s role builds upon the one prior, like the Honeycomb Engineering Ladder.

Individual Contributor Ownership Conceptualization. Credit Honeycomb

For the individual contributor (IC) role career path, Axelerant closely follows the Skills Framework for the Information (SFIA) 8 global skills and competency framework–a 2-minute introduction. SFIA originated as a framework for the information and communication technology (ICT) community. It has evolved to define the skills and competencies required across various business and professional functions.

More on why use SFIA 8.


Typical Titling



Typical Titling



Apprentice (Domain) Engineer|Specialist



Associate (Domain) Engineer|Specialist



(Domain) Engineer|Specialist



Senior (Domain) Engineer|Specialist



Staff (Domain) Engineer|Specialist

Ensure, advise


Principal (Domain) Engineer|Specialist

Initiate, influence


Distinguished (Domain) Engineer|Specialist

Set strategy, inspire, mobilize

Example Job Titles

  • Apprentice Drupal Engineer

  • Associate Recruitment Specialist

  • Performance Coach

  • JavaScript Engineer

  • Senior React Engineer

  • Staff Quality Engineering Engineer

  • Principal Operations Specialist

  • Distinguished PHP Engineer

2022 Role Level Adjustments

Before April 2022, Axelerant’s role levels were L0-L6. Afterward, L0-L4 became L1-L5, but the designation or job title did not change. For L5-L6, they transitioned to an L6-L7 or M1-M6 role level with a possible designation change.

Individual Contributor Behavior and Level Relationships

The SFIA standard has great success and a global footprint because it reflects reality within the ICT industry. Roles blend technical and non-technical professional skills and competencies into seven recognizable behavioral factors, attributes, and context levels.

Behavioral factors and attributes relationships of Individual Contributor levels

Management Career Path

Axelerant bases its management career path on The Leadership Pipeline, a framework for identifying, developing, or recruiting managers as they progress within an organization. The leadership pipeline provides Axelerant with the following benefits.

  • Grow leaders across the organization

  • Create leadership agility

  • Improve execution power

  • Increase organizational efficiency

The formal manager transition begins when a person has at least four, preferably five, direct reports. In the meantime, they’re considered supervisors alongside their contributor position.


Typical Titling



Typical Titling




Manager of Others. Enabling–Enable delivery through role clarity, training, coaching, and measurement.


Senior Manager

Manager of Managers. Productivity–Integrate all the pieces for actual productivity.



Function Manager. Competitive Advantage–Do better than or different from the competition.


General Manager

Business Manager. Profit–Make sure the business is profitable now and in the future.


Chief ____ Officer

Group Manager. Portfolio–Be in the right business and out of the wrong business.


Chief Executive Officer

Enterprise Manager. Perpetuation–Ensure long-term viability and success of the enterprise.

Learn more by reading the book, The Leadership Pipeline.

Mixed Career Levels

Some roles, like People Operations Manager and Project Manager II, have individual contributor and manager responsibilities. Their primary role level is that of the individual contributor and secondary manager. This means their salaries are individual contributor based, though they have access to additional coaching, mentoring, support, and training at the relevant manager level.

Detailed Career Level Expectations