zzz Behavior Model

Axelerant is an organization caring for the people who empower our customers. As such, the relationships we have matter more than absolute competence. An ideal Axelerant team member is accountable, capable, and coachable and works well with others.

Because we have personalized interpretations of accountability, capability, coachability, and collaboration, Axelerant provides a mutual context of these behavioral skills via Axelerant's behavior model.

Axelerant's behavior model merges globally recognized SFIA8 behavioral skills with our Enthusiasm, Kindness, and Openness values to progressively map behavior traits to individual contributor leaders' and business managers' role levels as part of https://axelerant.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/OA/pages/4073259076.

Axelerant's Behavior Model Components

Each of Axelerant's behavior model aspects ties directly to an Axelerant value.