Career Support

At Axelerant, we strive to create a holistic support system for individuals. We have deliberately introduced roles, relationships, and structures as per our learnings.

Onboarding Buddy: An is carefully chosen by the career manager during onboarding. They help individuals settle in their respective roles and find their way through Axelerant. They are usually peers of the individual's career path.

Reporting Manager: Reporting managers guide people each work day. They are most aware of your work and can provide/solicit feedback on your performance. The reporting manager is associated with an individual for the duration of the project/program. We expect a reporting manager and individual to connect at least once every four weeks.

Career Manager: Career Managers fully understand the respective career path and are motivated to support individuals traversing it. Very high up on their list of responsibilities is to “serve as [a] mentor; help individuals develop and achieve their personal and career goals.” Career managers are not know-it-alls.

Since there are no performance reviews, we expect the individuals to have a free-flowing conversation and leverage their career manager to help them develop the development plan and find the right opportunities, training, mentors, etc.

Career managers are the team member’s champions at Axelerant. The career manager guides an individual for the long haul, and we expect a career manager and people to connect at least once every six weeks.

Performance Coach: A unique Axelerant perk is formal performance coaching from an impressive and experienced coaching team. Life coaching, executive skills, interpersonal relationships, communications, and all non-functional-related growth areas, are where a performance coach can support an individual.

All reporting and career managers are assigned a performance coach. Individuals can work with their career manager and get a performance coach allocated per their needs.

Peer Mentor: We are in the process of establishing a structured peer mentorship program. In the meantime, career managers can help you with your unique mentoring needs by identifying peers with the necessary experience and skills.

Support Groups: Axelerant's #guild- channels and peer-level groups are a safe place to help people learn and become better at what they do. By sharing your learnings in these channels, you also increase your visibility within Axelerant.