Promotion Considerations

We firmly believe in recognizing and nurturing people from within.

Eligibility Criteria

  • You have at least one year of fulfilling all the current role competency expectations.

  • You are in the second half of the expected time in service for your current role level. 

Preparing Promotion Package

Plan Ahead

Start planning your promotion well in advance. Allocate sufficient time to gather all the required information and prepare your promotion package according to the suggested format.

Submission is at least two months before your anniversary month.

Find a Sponsor

Sponsors are your colleagues at or above your targeted role level willing to provide you with a recommendation letter. Your sponsor should ideally be from your career path and have sufficient familiarity with your work and capabilities to support your advancement. However, sponsors from other career paths can also be considered if a suitable sponsor is unavailable within the career path of the targeted role.

Submit your packet

Your promotion packet should include the following besides a cover written/video note covering why you're ready for promotion. The package should be emailed to for the process to initiate.

  • Your accomplishments & feedback

    • Document your significant contributions to projects or initiatives demonstrating your capabilities to fulfill a role in the targeted career path.

    • Include relevant feedback from colleagues, managers, or clients highlighting your demonstrated accomplishments and fulfilling all your defined skills for the current role.

  • Certifications and Training

    • Include any certifications you have completed relevant to the targeted role and career path and any coaching/training efforts you have participated in to endorse your capability for moving to the targeted career path.

  • Sponsor's Recommendation

Promotion Review

Once the performance management team receives the packet, they'd reach out to the individual and other peers to build the committee of at least 3, hopefully diverse, team members.

Promotion Committee

  • An individual recommends one member at the targeted role level or above from the same career path. This person should not be the individual's sponsor.

  • The Performance Management team will identify another committee member at the targeted role level or above within Axelerant.

  • The individual's Career or Reporting Manager recommends the 3rd member of the targeted role level or above.


  • Review Promotion Nominations: The committee carefully examines the performance records, and achievements. They'll discuss & consider skills, competencies, impact on projects, growth potential, and alignment with

  • Conduct Promotion Discussions: Committee members engage in thoughtful discussions to evaluate each nomination, sharing insights and perspectives to make well-informed decisions within the committee.

  • Prompt Decisions: The committee will not get into analysis paralysis and will take timely action.

  • Provide Feedback: The committee will share the rationale and constructive feedback with the team members when a promotion decision is made, helping them understand decisions and improve future promotion applications (in case of rejection) via notes in the #po-promotion channels. The performance management team helps document this in Leapsome. The team members are encouraged to reapply after six months should the person determine that they've addressed the previous feedback.

  • Document Promotions: Accurate records are maintained in Zoho and other systems, ensuring promotion decisions are appropriately documented and communicated to stakeholders within #po-promotion channels.

  • Maintain Utmost Confidentiality: The Promotion Committee upholds the highest level of confidentiality, ensuring individual performance details, related discussions, and promotion decisions remain confidential, fostering trust and integrity.

Salary Revisions

Salary revision will be per the prevailing tier & time in service mapping.