Promotion Considerations

We are committed to recognizing and nurturing our team members, and we understand that career and financial growth are essential for holistic well-being.

Eligibility Criteria

  • You are filling a specific gap or role requirement at Axelerant.

  • You have consistently met all the competency expectations for your current role for at least one year.

  • You are currently in the second half of the expected time in service for your current role level.

Preparing For Promotion Application

Plan Ahead

Plan your promotion three months before your anniversary month. Discuss and get a go-ahead from your career manager before submitting your promotion packet to ensure alignment and address any competency gaps for your targeted role. They will also help review and confirm your packet follows the suggested format.

Submit your packet

Your promotion packet could include the following components:

Cover Note: Write a cover note or record a video explaining why you believe you are ready for promotion.

Accomplishments & Feedback: Document your significant contributions to projects or initiatives, demonstrating your capabilities to fulfil a role in the targeted career path. Include relevant feedback from colleagues, managers, or clients highlighting your demonstrated accomplishments and competencies for your current role.

Certifications and Training: Include any relevant certifications you have completed and any coaching or training efforts you have participated in to endorse your capability for moving to the targeted career path.

Sponsor's Recommendation: Sponsors are colleagues at or above your targeted role level who could provide you with a recommendation letter. Your sponsor could be your reporting or career manager, or a senior member from your career path, who has sufficient familiarity with your work.

Once your promotion package is complete, email it to with your Career Manager’s approval and your nomination for the promotion committee to initiate the promotion process at least two months before your anniversary month.

Promotion Review 

Upon receiving the packet, the People Ops team will assess its completeness before proceeding to form the promotion committee.

Formation of Promotion Committee

  • The individual applicant recommends one member at or above the targeted role level from the same career path.

  • The individual's Career or Reporting Manager suggests the second member at or above the targeted role level from the same career path.

  • The People Ops team will appoint the third committee member at or above the targeted role level within Axelerant, ensuring diversity in the committee.


  • Review Promotion Packets: The committee carefully examines performance records and achievements. They discuss and consider skills, competencies, impact, growth potential, and alignment with Being Axelerant.

  • Conduct Interview: To eliminate bias and ensure all future and existing members have similar measurability, the committee conducts interview-style conversations with the applicant to assess their fitment for the targeted role. Based on the submitted promotion packet, the committee may request additional responses to questionnaires or tests. 

P.S. This is by no means an attempt to deny or make the process lengthy but a genuine attempt to bring fairness to the promotion process.

  • Discuss but decide: Committee members thoughtfully evaluate each promotion packet, aiming to avoid analysis paralysis and make decisions within a reasonable timeframe.

  • Provide Feedback: The committee will share the rationale and constructive feedback with the team members when a promotion decision is made, helping them understand decisions and improve future promotion applications (in case of rejection) via the Promotion Feedback Form. The People Ops team helps document this in Leapsome. The team members can consider reapplying after six months should the person determine that they've addressed the previous feedback from the promotion committee.

  • Document Promotions: Accurate records are maintained in Zoho and other systems to document promotion decisions and communicate them within the #po-promotion and team-member-updates channels.

  • Maintain Utmost Confidentiality: The Promotion Committee and People Ops team ensure the confidentiality of individual performance details and related discussions, fostering trust and integrity.

Salary Revisions

  • Salary revisions follow the prevailing role level and time in service (TIS) mapping.

  • If you apply for a promotion after completing half your expected TIS and receive it, your salary will be revised to match the starting salary of your targeted role.

  • If you complete the entire expected TIS for a particular role level before applying for a promotion, your revised salary would be the TIS 1 salary of your targeted role, ensuring a fair increase with your promotion remuneration.

  • For promotion re-applications, your salary hike will be effective from the promotion date, with the next revision in the following anniversary year. 

    • For example, if Bob's anniversary is in January and his promotion is rejected in January 2024, but he re-applies in July 2024 and gets through in Sept'24, he will receive a salary hike effective from Sept'24. His next increment will then be in January 2026, not January 2025.