Using ChatGPT at Axelerant

Incorporating AI-powered tools like ChatGPT provides a distinct competitive advantage in the swiftly changing digital technologies realm. ChatGPT is a versatile asset for enhancing organizational productivity, reinforcing brand authenticity, and tailoring communication to your audience.

Learn how ChatGPT goes beyond simple text generation as a collaborative ally in improving operational efficiency, elevating Axelerant's brand, and fostering meaningful engagement with your target audience through this guide's actionable insights.

In watching Using ChatGPT at Axelerant, you'll see examples happening before you.

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Productivity: Challenging the Status Quo 🎯

Firstly, let's recognize the value of deploying ChatGPT beyond content generation. ChatGPT offers the potential to supercharge productivity across a multitude of functional areas. The following strategies can yield immediate improvements while contributing to long-term operational efficiency.

  • Information Retrieval 📊: Effortlessly extracts relevant data, eliminating manual searches and offering real-time, contextually-aware responses.

  • Automated Customer Support 🤖: Handles high volumes of queries, allowing human agents to focus on complex issues and elevate the customer experience.

  • Virtual Assistance ⏰: Provides actionable time-management solutions and reminders, empowering users to optimize their daily schedules.

  • Content Creation ✍️: Assists in crafting emails, reports, and articles, enabling professionals to concentrate on message refinement and quality assurance.

  • Code Review 🔍: Identifies common coding errors and improvement areas, streamlining the code review process and enhancing software quality.

  • Decision Support 🤔: Offers in-depth problem analyses, expediting effective decision-making through comprehensive insights.

  • Trend Analysis 📈: Analyzes large datasets to discern emerging patterns, equipping businesses with actionable insights.

  • Language Translation 🌍: Provides real-time translation services, breaking down language barriers to enable global collaboration.

  • Skill Enhancement 📚: As an instructional guide through tutorials and explanations, contributing to ongoing professional development.

  • Brainstorming 💡: Generates groundbreaking ideas and innovative strategies, constructively enriching creative brainstorming sessions.

  • Data Entry and Management 🗂: Integrates seamlessly with automation tools like Zapier, performing routine data entry tasks and minimizing human error.

  • Accessibility 👥: Utilizes natural language processing to render digital interfaces more user-friendly, especially for those challenged by traditional GUIs.

Authenticity: Amplify Your Voice 🗣

Tailor ChatGPT's output to resonate with Axelerant's brand ethos and your style. By prioritizing authenticity, we ensure that the generated content genuinely represents you or Axelerant instead of creating a facade.

ChatGPT Custom Instructions 🛠️

Leverage ChatGPT's Custom Instructions feature to infuse Axelerant's brand identity and your unique persona into the model's output. This tailored approach allows the model to comprehend better who we are and what type of responses we seek.

ChatGPT's Custom Instructions has two sections. 🔧

1. Personal Information: Who Are You to ChatGPT? 🆔

This section will inform the model about your role and expertise within Axelerant.

📝 Offer specifics regarding your role, ongoing projects, and areas of expertise.

  • I am a DevOps Engineer at Axelerant, currently focused on Kubernetes deployments.

  • I serve as a Content Marketer at Axelerant with a specialization in SEO.

  • I operate as a Software Engineer at Axelerant, focusing on Drupal development.

2. Output Preferences: How Should ChatGPT Respond? 🗨️

Ensure the model's output aligns with Axelerant's brand ethos and your communication style.

📝 Share your preferences for tone, writing style, and the kind of information to include.

  • Respond professionally and empathetically while offering strategic insights grounded in industry best practices.

  • Please communicate in a manner that is professional yet kind, using thorough but succinct explanations.

Create Your Custom Instructions or use a neutral custom instruction, then activate your

Persona: Crafting the Author's Perspective 🎭

Utilizing persona-based output enhances the relevance of ChatGPT's responses by customizing them for the specific roles or clients we engage with. We're crafting the author's perspective, imbuing the model's outputs with depth and practical applicability.

📝 Employ the "Act as" method to position ChatGPT into different roles.

  • Act as a Content Marketer focusing on higher education clients to develop a one-pager content strategy.

  • Act as a Software Engineer specializing in Drupal to summarize the latest security updates.

Relevance: Craft Meaningful Output 🎯

Ensuring relevance is critical to tailoring ChatGPT's output to meet our audience's needs, amplifying our communication's impact. By focusing on relevance, we guarantee that our messages are not only heard but also acted upon effectively.

Understanding the Audience 👥

Comprehending our target audience is crucial for aligning the output with their needs and contexts. Here, relatable aspects serve as the linchpin for effective communication.

  • Act as a Content Marketer focusing on higher education clients and provide 13 overlooked SEO tips tailored for academic websites.

  • Act as a Software Engineer and compose a tweet thread to announce the launch of Paisy, an AI-powered financial education and management tool.

    • Note: This implies targeting social media followers because of "compose a tweet thread."

Tone and Writing Style 🖋️

The interplay between tone and writing style significantly impacts how the audience perceives and receives the message. While tone establishes the emotional and logical context, the writing style imparts structure.

Tone and style don't have to be a single keyword; nuanced phrasing is possible.

# Content Marketer Tone: Empathetic Writing Style: Informative # Software Engineer Tone: Professional Writing Style: Analytical # As Michael Communication Style: - Friendly, professional, concise tone. - Empathetic, respectful, clear conversations. - Enlightening, conversational style. # As Michael II Tone: Approachably professional and succinct. Style: Engagingly clear and empathetically informative.

More about and .

Prompt Specificity 🎯

Crafting precise prompts is instrumental for eliciting the most relevant and actionable output from ChatGPT. A well-crafted prompt saves time and better aligns with your specific requirements.

However, a prompt that consistently yields the desired response will take multiple iterations. Patience is critical in working through those variations to see what works best for you.

Basic Prompting

📝 Effective prompts typically follow this structure: {Act as} for {audience} to {task}.

  • Act as a Software Engineer for higher education clients and outline the advantages of cloud-based solutions.

  • Act as a Content Marketer targeting social media followers and generate a list of quality assurance post ideas for the upcoming week.

  • Act as a Sales Representative, speaking to potential business partners and crafting an elevator pitch for Axelerant's services.

Look at the many kinds of as tasks to accomplish.

Check out for further prompt guidance.

ChatGPT Settings ⚙️

The ChatGPT settings allow us to fine-tune output length, detail, and creativity. Optimal adjustment of these settings can significantly elevate the quality of the generated content, ensuring it remains focused on the objective.

  • Max Tokens: Limits output length; consider a token 75% word.

    • Usually between 1 and 4096 tokens.

    • For example, set to 130 for brief answers, about 100 words, and 800 for long-form content, like 600 words.

    • Michael says multiplying your desired word count by 1.33 gets a good token value.

  • Temperature: Controls randomness, AKA creativity.

    • Typically from 0 to 1.

    • E.g., set to 0.2 for more deterministic outputs and 0.7 for creative brainstorming.

  • Top-p: Controls output diversity by limiting the scope of the related data used.

    • Generally, from 0 to 1.

    • E.g., set to 0.9 for more varied responses and 0.5 for focused, narrow outputs.

  • Frequency Penalty: Influences repetition of similar words or phrases.

    • Typically from -2 to 2.

    • Negative values, such as -0.25, lead to increased repetition. Beneficial where consistent terminology is crucial or when emphasizing specific points or concepts is desired.

    • 0.1 attempts to avoid repetition, yet it may still use the same word or phrase again when relevant.

    • 0.9 actively avoids repeating words or phrases, often using synonyms or rephrasing sentences to ensure variety.

  • Presence Penalty: Introduces new topics or ideas in its responses.

    • Usually ranges from -2 to 2.

    • At 0.6, actively encourages introducing new topics or ideas, often shifting away from the current.

    • At 0.1, slightly encourages new topics or ideas, resulting in less pronounced shifts.

    • At -0.1, gently discourages new topics and stays closely aligned with minimal deviations.

    • At -0.6, strongly discourages new topic introductions, keeping the conversation focused tightly.

📝 Create ChatGPT Settings based on the persona or task.

# For Content Marketer Writing a Social Media Post Max Tokens: 100 # Limit the output to 100 tokens to maintain brevity. Temperature: 0.7 # A moderate level for creative, yet reliable outputs. Top-p: 0.9 # To allow varied responses. Frequency Penalty: -0.5 # Minimize repetition. Presence Penalty: 0.6 # Encourage new concepts. # For Software Engineer Coding with Drupal Max Tokens: 300 # For detailed technical outputs. Temperature: 0.4 # To maintain technical accuracy. Top-p: 0.8 # For focused and consistent outputs. Frequency Penalty: -0.2 # To avoid redundant code snippets. Presence Penalty: 0.7 # To introduce innovative coding approaches.

More explanations of ChatGPT Settings.

Bringing it Together

Ensure you have set ChatGPT's Custom Instructions to prevent false assumptions about you or Axelerant.

Basic Prompt

For example, Acting as an HR Manager communicating with job applicants and drafting an email template for job offer letters outputs an incredibly complete template:

Slightly Tuned Prompt

Slightly tuning a prompt, such as separating the persona, audience, and task, plus adding tone, style, and basic ChatGPT settings, can help the prompt response have the desired direction and energy.

Act as a salesperson and speak to potential business partners. Create an elevator pitch for Axelerant's services. Tone: Empathetic Writing Style: Informative Max Tokens: 100 Temperature: 0.7

That can result in the following:

CO-STAR Prompting

Check out for consistently precise responses.


Extract Content for Prompts

  • Copy the content of a page and paste it to get the Markdown code.

  • Give a URL and extract the content en masse.

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Collaborative Partnering

Rarely is a prompt's first result good enough. And while you might think that fine-tuning is solely on you, it's not.

You can work with ChatGPT as a collaborative partner for the best results because it supports natural language interactions.

Therefore, ask ChatGPT for an explanation, add a missing section, adjust the tone, change the audience, or create visual appeal. And before taking your result away, ask ChatGPT to proofread it.

  • Add a topic

    • In Part II, please add a section about writing styles, including why they are essential, with five examples.

  • Add visual appeal

    • Please add emojis to the content, ignoring hashtags. Put sentence end emojis after the punctuation. For example, from "learn :books:." to "learn. :books:"

  • Ask for clarification

    • Please explain intelligent automation functionalities.

    • Please elaborate on the technical requirements of this project. I'm interested in understanding the scope of functionalities we aim to implement.

    • I appreciate the overview of our departmental goals for this quarter. Could you clarify how our ongoing automation projects align with these objectives? This would help in prioritizing tasks more efficiently.

  • Audience adjustment

    • Please rewrite for a third-grade audience.

    • Please rewrite for an eighth-grade audience.

    • Please rewrite for an audience with relevant graduate degrees.

    • Please rewrite for a digital agency customer.

  • Change how the result is displayed.

    • Please display it as code for a Slack message.

    • Please display it as a numbered list.

    • Please display it as a list.

    • Please list the hashtags on a single line, like #hashtag1 #hashtag2 #hashtag3.

    • Please list the keywords on a single line, like something here, anything there, ignore it all.

  • Content improvement

    • Conduct a thorough assessment of the output and provide a prioritized list of actionable recommendations for content refinement. Rate the output's clarity and readability.

  • Content Statistics

    • Please provide content statistics like how many characters, words, tokens, time to read, time-to-speak, etc.

  • Proofreading

    • As a specialized tool for casual business writing, identify and rectify all linguistic imperfections. Display the improved text in its entirety and catalog the improvements.

  • Using Custom Instructions? Try this.

    • As me, please reinterpret the content.