Axelerant deliberately strives to be a high-performance-driven organization. The human relationships that build mutual respect and trust between us are at the core of doing so. Through that trust and respect, you can speak without fear to say what you should. Especially tough topics because you genuinely care for people successfully acting in Axelerant's best interests.

Feedback culture @ Axelerant

The foundation of Axelerant culture is its values, which are also the air that this culture breathes in. A safe space to grow is a non-negotiable aspect of ensuring Axelerant culture breathes and thrives.

Feedback (giving, receiving, and asking for) is an integral part of Axelerant's culture, and it ensures both - opportunities to grow and create a psychologically safe space.

Why Feedback culture? 

Constructive feedback in Axelerant intends to promote continuous learning and improvement. It's intended to provide clear, specific insights into what an individual or team is doing well and what areas require improvement. It's about guiding team members toward better performance, enhancing their skills, and increasing their effectiveness - feed forward.

Feedback facilitates open communication, leading to shared understanding and mutual respect among team members. It also enables a culture of continuous improvement, fostering innovation and adaptability within Axelerant.

Ultimately, constructive feedback is aimed not just at individual development but also at improving team collaboration and driving the overall success of Axelerant.

Ways of Feedback at Axelerant