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Got an itch because our documentation is lacking? Fantastic, please help make it better.


To make changes to guidelines in or, create a copy target page into /wiki/spaces/AH/pages/3034480778, excluding child pages.

Note: Check the revisions page to ensure we’re not making a second draft: one draft, one live.


Rename the page with a DRAFT suffix in the page title, like Benefits DRAFT, and click Publish.

Note: Do not make your content edits yet because your first save reflects the live page, which makes future change comparisons much more manageable.


There are two types of publishing; new page or content replacement.

  1. For an entirely new page, publishing the draft is as easy as removing DRAFT from the page title, saving the page via Publish, and then moving the page to the appropriate location.

  2. For replacing existing page content, like Being Axelerant, replace the live page content with that of the approved DRAFT page. Then check and fix any quirks before saving the page via Publish. Afterward, Delete the DRAFT page.

Visit for an example of moving pages and content.