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Asking for feedback is a major significant step towards toward reaching your potential. However, taking that initial step for the first time is uncomfortable, and we might already be worried about failure. Fear not, ; Mridula Ujjwal provides the following thought guide to help you get started asking for feedback.

  • Problem Statement

    • The topic that started the interest in wanting feedback because something happened, got accomplished, went wrong, something is bothering me, or you want monthly feedback.

  • Context

    • What is the context of the feedback desired?

    • About technical, functional, or behavioral skills, or about a specific situation, or following up on past feedback and wanting to know now how you’re doing

  • Audience

    • Whom From whom do I want to ask the feedback fromof? Maybe one person, one particular group, or multiple folks of differing areas.

    • E.g., As a project manager, maybe ask your team members, fellow project management peers, your director, your performance coach, and whoever matters to you.

  • Time Duration

    • For which time duration, like the past month or prior 90-days do you want feedback for

  • Relevant Question

    • The problem statement, context, and audience help you create or choose relevant questions.Pick your question set from a feedback template, select questions of several templates, or completely personalize your questionnaire. See Paycor Templates to learn more.

  • Mechanism

Thank you for contributing to and demonstrating Axelerant’s open feedback culture.

Using Paycor for Feedback


Some suggestions to ask for:

  • How could we change our team meetings to be more productive?

  • What could I do to make you enjoy your work more?

  • Do you feel the team and I hear your ideas?

  • What part of the day do you have the most energy and focus? What changes could we make to accommodate this?

Additionally, request peer feedback at least quarterly to help yourself become a better person.


Paycor Templates

After asking for feedback from others, you’ll need to build and share the feedback report manually.

Create Team Member Feedback Request video. In the video, I mention using 360-group for peers. I suggest reporting groups for leadership folks.

Paycor Feedback Reminders

The reminders used by Paycor are sent by email. Oftentimes, those emailed notifications are missed because within Axelerant; we avoid that medium. To counteract this situation, we have automation to help notify people via Slack of feedback requests via @Slackbot every 6-days.

After creating the feedback request in Paycor, submit the information to the Feedback Reminders form.


A Slackbot notification example. Video on Feedback Reminder Operations.