Feedback, Asking for

Asking for feedback is a significant step toward reaching your potential. However, taking that initial step for the first time is uncomfortable, and we might already be worried about failure. Fear not; @Mridula Ujjwal provides the following thought guide to help you get started asking for feedback.

  • Problem Statement

    • The topic that started the interest in wanting feedback because something happened, got accomplished, went wrong, something is bothering me, or you want monthly feedback.

  • Context

    • What is the context of the feedback desired?

    • About technical, functional, or behavioral skills, or about a specific situation, or following up on past feedback and wanting to know now how you’re doing

  • Audience

    • From whom do I want to ask the feedback of? Maybe one person, one particular group, or multiple folks of differing areas.

    • E.g., As a project manager, maybe ask your team members, fellow project management peers, your director, your performance coach, and whoever matters to you.

  • Time Duration

    • For which time duration, like the past month or prior 90-days do you want feedback for

  • Relevant Question

    • The problem statement, context, and audience help you create or choose relevant questions.

  • Mechanism

Thank you for contributing to and demonstrating Axelerant’s open feedback culture.