Feedback, Receiving

Receiving feedback is not easy and takes effort and experiencing mistakes to do well. On top of lessons from Radical Candor, Axelerant follows the Netflix model of giving and receiving feedback.

Receiving Feedback

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Natural human inclination provides a defense or excuse when receiving criticism; we all reflexively seek to protect our egos and reputation.

When you receive feedback, you need to fight this natural reaction and ask yourself, "How can I show appreciation for this feedback by listening carefully, considering the message with an open mind, and becoming neither defensive nor angry?"

  • Be grateful and accepting of feedback.

  • Ask people to share a recent situation where the feedback applies.

  • Ask clarifying questions to ensure you understand the core of the feedback.

  • Consider watching How to receive tough feedback yourself

  • Validate the courage it took a person to give you feedback or free them to take action.

Accept or Discard

You will receive lots of feedback from lots of people while at Axelerant. You are required to listen and consider all feedback provided. You are not required to follow it.

Say "thank you" with sincerity. But you and the provider must understand that reacting to the feedback is entirely up to the recipient.

  • Thank people, for the feedback.

  • Talk about possible solutions/changes, or explain the context they need to know.

  • When you can't change something, help people understand why by providing empathy and tolerance.

When you choose to discard the feedback and your job performance is negatively affected, your justified separation is possible. There are no performance improvement plans at Axelerant.


Ideas about candor differ significantly around the world. Therefore consideration of the culture within how you deliver and react to feedback significantly impacts your desired results. For example, for less direct cultures, like Japan, you should increase opportunities for formal feedback.

Wherever you go for Axelerant, you should learn to adjust your style and do your best to connect with people in a manner that engages them. For Axelerant to integrate our corporate culture worldwide, you must be humble and curious, listen before speaking, and learn before teaching.

With these approaches above, you cannot help but become more effective daily.