Recognitions Reinforce Desired Behaviors

Not only do people feel good about being recognized for a job well done, but they'll also make a more significant effort to repeat the situation. Therefore, always be clear about why credit is coming so that recipients know which behavior elicited the praise.

Recognition Writing Suggestions

  • Be selfless by writing about the achievement of other people

  • Document the act, the value, and the impact as evocative, memorable details

  • Give the recognition in near-realtime, so people remember the action more than the praise

Share positive feedback using Leapsome's Slack /praise command or Praise form.

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Avoid Bulk Recognition

When many people should be congratulated for something, and Leapsome Praise doesn't seem the right tool, then post directly in Slack's #recognitions using the most relevant team tag.

Team Member's Supporters

When feasible, thank the people outside of Axelerant who support our team members, like spouses, peers, and account stakeholders. Give them a unique bit of love and gratitude for their caring to know we're appreciative.

Record a video via or Loom from your device and email them the thanks.

Share Recognitions

Share client and retrospective shoutouts as #recognitions screenshot entries with your peers.