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We use a persona to talk about clients and people without naming them. Each of the following personas is of Being Axelerant, especially being accountable, capable, and coachable people who work well with others.

The intent is to aid in crafting narratives and guidelines about relationships and desired interactions toward a positive outcome, then the accidental bias regarding a specific customer or person.


  • Bob, a general the team member

  • Cil, a career Carter, the career manager

  • Ev, an executive team member

  • Franc, a director or functional manager

  • Kay, a coach

  • Maj, a manager in general

  • Oz, a perceived outlier team member

  • Roxy, a reporting Cathy, the coach

  • Leroy, the leader

  • Morgan, the (media) customer

  • Roxy, the reporting manager

For example, when crafting escalation guidance, we can say something like; as Roxy and Bob are not sure about a topical thingyunsure about Morgan’s challenge, they should ask Franc Franz to provide clarityclarify things.