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  • Directly Responsible Individual's (DRI) checklist for reviewing/changing a process/guideline:

    • Demonstrate the reason for the change in the existing or new guideline process

    • Read and research relevant best practices

    • Document suggestions/concern points using the #disc- Conversation Creator to help collect feedback and invite all relevant team members/stakeholders to share their advice in the channel.

    • When the guideline change applies to all, all team members can be invited to join the disc-conversation channel and wait for at least two weeks for everyone to share inputs before finalizing the draft.

    • Collate all the suggestions, and consider the ones that can be implemented within the given time/budget. Create a Draft of the proposed guideline/process.

  • Ensure the organization's values are considered while drafting the guideline/processes. The vocabulary used must be kind, inclusive, and respectful.

  • When a monetary impact is expected from the suggested change in guideline/benefit - get a clear go-ahead from Ankur or Michael plus Puneet to ensure the sustainability of the proposal.

  • Share the draft with the Relevant stakeholders with clear expectations and deadlines when you close/publish the final draft.

    • Relevant stakeholders might be your direct team members and other leaders

  • The DRAFT copy of the guidelines must be shared with the ops-organization channelrelevant stakeholders, providing a couple of weeks to share feedback on revisions.

  • Mention the change effective date

  • Post the deadline, and publish the draft to Confluence.

  • Go-live, announce via #announcement or #general channel using @team-axelerant/@channel tags

  • Share a video recap (Loom/Slack recorded video) if there's too complex stuff that needs a more straightforward explanation of the process.

  • Retrospect change