COVID-19 Response

  • Prioritize your health and family health. By doing so, you are contributing to flattening the curve, reducing the stress on our health care system.

  • Your time is of utmost importance, and if you find any non-critical meeting on your schedule, we'd like you to discuss it with the meeting owner to cancel or reschedule. 

  • When you are experiencing or expecting a significant impact on your ability to work, please reach out to a member of the People Ops team or your Performance Coach, so we can figure out how we might be able to support you.

  • When you are doing community service work, please log that under "Volunteer" time in Timetastic. If you are in a high-risk group, look for opportunities to contribute remotely or safely.

  • Use slack #status to indicate when you are offline during regular working hours.

  • Use dedicated channel #support-covid-19 for all shares, updates, discussions about the Pandemic. 

  • It is okay to have kids with you on calls or in the room as they're welcome to attend.

  • Block off times in your day to attend to caregiving for others, including helping or conducting homeschooling activities. 

  • When your local guidelines allow, take walks outside with your family. Even adjust your schedule to have this time.

  • Adjust your daily routine to accommodate that you may have more people home all day. Consider adjusting your schedule to allow for lunch with your family every day. It is okay to reschedule meetings to let you do this.

  • Be flexible in supporting others; you might need to adjust their work schedule or consider changing the schedule of regular meetings to accommodate changes in their life outside of work.

  • Consider managing your social media usage and news intake, especially if you find it increases stress levels.

  • Please share ideas and tips for having kids at home or pursue other interests while you're working in respective #guild- channels on Slack.