Declaring Relationships

Declaring Relationships in the spirit of means disclosing any relationship–like romantic, bloodline, or marriage when working together at Axelerant. Relationship disclosure applies when there is a personal (consensual), blood (consanguineal), or family (affinal) relationship between team members at Axelerant.

Non-peer relationship disclosure is required to avoid conflicting with Axelerant’s best interests, and people care integrity. By declaring your relationships, Axelerant can make arrangements to minimize potential conflicts of interest. Such as, when a reporting relationship is not avoidable, the reporting manager’s manager, AKA skip-level manager, will have the final say on promotions, salary appraisals, discretionary rewards, etc., with support from People Operations.

Please declare the relationships using Zoho People’s Self Service > Personal Relationships section. Unfortunately, our systems aren’t smart enough to create omni-directional connections, so each team member must declare separately.

When you’re uncomfortable sharing the relationship, please let a People Operations team member know so that we can take alternative steps. We wish to make this a safe space for you to share with Openness without fear of retaliation. People Operations will principally use this information to prevent reporting relationships within automation scenarios and avoid conflict of interest in any situation.