Testimonials widget is not rotating

  1. Are you sure your global settings or widget options limit is not set to `1`? The default is 10. See attached.
  2. Are you positive you're not using `[testimonials]` list shortcode versus `[testimonials_slider]` for the rotation shortcode?
  3. Are you positive you're not using `testimonials()` list theme function versus `testimonials_slider()` for the rotation theme function?
  4. The JavaScript for rotating testimonials is in the footer. As such, your theme requires wp_footer() in the footer. Check to make sure your theme has the <?php wp_footer(); ?> call in footer.php or the equivalent file. You should have some JavaScript like `jQuery('.testimonials-widget-testimonials17')` in your footer.
  5. Is jQuery is included twice? Once by WordPress and again by a theme. Remove the jQuery version included by your theme and you should be fine.
  6. Are there other JavaScript errors? Enable Developer Mode in your browser, right-click on a testimonial, select “Inspect Element”, and then click on the Console tab to review and resolve the JavaScript errors.
  7. Is jQuery running version 1.10+? If not, then your theme is probably overriding WordPress's inclusion. Look to disable your theme's jQuery inclusion like shown.