How to Debug and Correct CSS Issues in Your Browser

Steps to Debugging CSS

Common Issues and Fixes

Clipped Content and Credits

There's not a cureall CSS fix for this as it's usually dependent upon your theme. However, these CSS tweaks should get you going in the correct direction.

Content clipped on the left side

Credit clipped on right side

Increase spacing between testimonials

Remove the blockquotes left border

Prevent weird word wrap issues with image for narrow width displays

Remove Overlapping Controls


.bx-controls {
  margin-bottom: 2em;

Remove Blockquote Left Border


.testimonials-widget-testimonial blockquote {
  border-left: none;

Overly wide blockquote troubles

Using Inspect Element to see `blockquote` properties



Inline testing the change


CSS that probably fixes the width issue

.testimonials-widget-testimonial blockquote {
	width: initial;

Vertical Review Stars


The most common issue is that a theme has CSS which overrides Testimonials own that sets `display: inline;`. You just need to target the vertical stars and apply `display: inline;` like the following default.


CSS that probably fixes the vertical ratings issue

.ratings img {
	display: inline;

Read More Link Color

CSS for changing read more link color



.testimonials-widget-testimonial a.more-link {
	color: red;