My testimonials URL says 404 - Page not found

Step-by-step guide

#1 Fix

  • Go to WordPress > Plugins
  • Deactivate and then Activate the Testimonials Widget plugin
    • This should fire off the flush_rewrite_rules function automatically.

#2 Fix

  • Go to WordPress > Settings > Permalinks
  • Click “Save Changes” to fire off the flush_rewrite_rules function manually.

#3 Fix

  • Go to WordPress > Testimonials > Settings
  • Click on the Post Type tab
  • Check that the Archive Page URL and Testimonials Page URL slugs don't conflict any other Page or custom post type URL slugs
    • It's possible you have a page or another custom post type entry with the slug `testimonial`. Change that item's slug and you'll be fine.
    • If you've deleted a Page or custom post type with the slug `testimonial`, make sure you've completely Trashed it. Otherwise, slugs in the trash still bug your site.
    • Example: Don't have a page named "Testimonials" which creates the page URL slug "testimonials" and set the Testimonials Archive or Testimonial Page URL to "testimonials".

#4 Still Stuck?