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Employees & Contractors


Employees are salaried team members in which Axelerant pays employment taxes and the team member receives benefits while qualifying for salary appraisals, evolving role and responsibility clarifications, promotions, and profit-sharing.


Contractors are team members in which Axelerant pays no employment taxes nor provides full benefits nor other incentives like salary appraisals, promotions, and profit-sharing.

  • Contractors sign a fixed-term Contract Agreement.

  • Contractors are responsible for their own business and employment taxes

  • Per Contract Agreement The Consultant shall submit to the Company the monthly invoices not later than the 7th of each month for the immediately preceding month ("Invoice"), which the Company shall clear the invoice within 30 (thirty) days of its receipt.

On Contract or Agency

Contractors are further broken into the classification of On Contract for working with Axelerant directly, or Agencyby working with Axelerant through another legal entity. Agency contractors do not qualify for any Axelerant benefits whatsoever. On Contract people have limited benefits.

Agency Contractors and Vendor Partners as individuals are considered of the Agency. To bring such a person into Axelerant see

Employee, Consultant, & NDA Agreements

The following employee, consultant, & NDA agreements are shared to provide transparency about the signed legal expectations between you and Axelerant.