Salary Ranges

Axelerant's starting salaries are typically the market pay average for a career path, like Software Engineering for developers or Industry for business analysts. Salary ranges are determined based on individual role groups and specific role responsibilities, with a starting salary and room for growth based on performance and experience, allowing for flexibility and equitable compensation.

Salary ranges may be modified annually due to factors like lack of data, value to Axelerant, or other relevant considerations to ensure that they are fair and aligned with Axelerant's needs.

Axelerant's Salary Intention

Axelerant intends to pay the best we can; consistently, fairly, and sustainably. At the end of each fiscal year, January 1-March 31, we review each role per baseline living wage standards and cost of living increases. We also assess and change how our role levels align with similar organizations and often adjust our ranges for the following fiscal year, April 1-March 31.

When you find Axelerant's salary ranges aren't aligned with the market, please submit feedback.

Of note:

  • Billable and non-billable roles are critical to Axelerant success

  • The competitive rate card provides strong guidance for the top end of a tier.

  • The executive team decides the final salary ranges based on department leadership vetting of people operations who provides suggestions based on researching systems like Payscale and Glassdoor and collecting feedback from recruiters and competitors.

Determining market pay average

Using PayScale, we find its most closely relevant role, like Software Engineer, and then use the applicable Pay by Experience Level as the starting salary. And sometimes, we average pay points because the data shared doesn't reflect current market conditions.

Typical alignment of early-career role levels to salary.
Typical alignment of mid-career role levels to salary.

Alternative Roles for Starting Salary

When Axelerant's vision of a role doesn't match what's typically considered, an alternative role might be used as pay source data. For example, Payscale's Customer Success Manager aligns more with our account managers and sales folks than Payscale's account manager or sales entries.

Modifying the Starting Salary

An adjustment is made when the market pay average does not fit Axelerant's business needs, like using Axelerant's role average to determine the starting salary.

Role-Level Time In Service (TIS) Expectations and Salary Revisions

The salary range is broken down into per-role and level increments based on the expected time in service or years in a role. Each annual revision aligns with the latest salary range information to keep people of the same role level and time in service paid equally.

Salary Range Update Frequency

The people Operations team updates salary data every April for the next fiscal year, typically using or

The executive team reviews and finalizes the salary range for the next fiscal year for their relevant departments.

Region-specific roles will use location-specific resources as relevant.