Axelerant provides team members with fair, competitive compensation through three components.

Axelerant's Fair Pay Intent

Every person in each tier, with the same number of years, has the same salary as everyone else at that level. Therefore, we do not negotiate salaries for new or current team members.

We do this because a negotiation process introduces bias and often ends with pay inequity, especially for marginalized people. We believe every individual should have a fair base pay without it being impacted (positively or negatively) by an individual's negotiation skills or managerial relationships.

Further, like a peer-to-peer recognition platform, we force ourselves to a fairer recognition method by fixing salary to roles and years in service tiers.


Axelerant will do its best to ensure team members receive fair, equitable pay for their role's professional service domain equivalent.

Salary Revision

Axelerant's salary revisions happen yearly, during a team member's anniversary month, AKA join month. The revision amount is their relevant role group's time in service in a role. Visit LIVE Salary Ranges.

Further, we are in active discussions with ESOPDirect and hope to bring an equity plan to provide performance, time, and strategic financial outcomes to everyone on the team.

Example L3 Software Engineer salary range

For example, as Bob joined Axelerant on February 3, 2022, their salary revision is every February. On February 1, 2024, by entering their second year with Axelerant, their salary revision would be ₹1,361,189.

Salary Topping

When a team member has been in a role for longer than the typical expected time in service, their salary is set to the top of their role group's salary range.

From the previous example, as L3 software engineer Bob enters their fourth year at Axelerant, their salary revision reaches ₹1,588,099 because that is the salary range top-end.

Monthly Salary Revision Automation

With Axelerant's salary revision tied to well-defined business logic, automation manages the outcomes.


We intend to provide benefits that matter to you, your family, and your career. And listen to your requests.



We reward team members' performance and encourage their contribution towards Axelerant's growth and profitability through an employee stock option plan (ESOP).

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