Zoom - Videoconferencing & webinars


We use Zoom for all our audio and video communications and webinars. When onboarding, we will add you to our official organization account.

Getting Started with Zoom.

And, remember our https://axelerant.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/OA/pages/1447493744/Being+Axelerant#Meetings etiquette.

Zoom Backgrounds

Feel free to use Axelerant’s background with Zoom. We’ve many to choose from.

Axelerant Zoom Backgrounds

Auto-Sync Recordings to Google Drive before 90-days Auto-Delete

Thank you to @Hussain Abbas @Mohan Parthasarathy (Unlicensed) @Prateek Jain for their suggestions on resolving this situation.

Each of our Zoom accounts is allowed 1 GB of cloud recording space. Though the space amongst Zoom users is shared, as in a collective 50 GB or so, that’s not enough space to capture recordings to support asynchronous conversations or tracking of engagement conversations.

As we’ve not found a general Zoom recording savings methodology applicable organization-wide, synchronization and auto-delete become an individual responsibility.

As individual team members, we can use Google Drive for Zoom or SyncRecord to synchronize Zoom recordings into our Google Drive automatically. This action is from when you begin the synchronization, not for archiving. For past recordings require manual movement via download and upload.

As part of auto-syncing recordings, it’s suggested to set Zoom’s auto-delete to 90 days.

Once recordings are in Google Drive, you might have automation that monitors that folder to file them according to their purpose based on naming conventions. Check with @Michael Cannon for how.

Blur the Background

It is okay to keep your work environment private and to create focus on yourself during a call by blurring the Zoom background.

When blurring first seems to work, ensure that the Green screen is NOT checked. If this is the situation, please check your Zoom settings like https://axelerant.atlassian.net/wiki/pages/resumedraft.action?draftId=18650766.