Signatory Authority

  • An authorized signatory is a person having the legal authority to sign a legal document on Axelerant’s behalf.

  • Axelerant’s permanent team members of appropriate role levels are authorized to bind the company legally per their domain.

  • Axelerant’s permanent senior leadership can delegate domain-relevant signatory powers to other permanent team members.

Relevant Role Levels

Axelerant permanent team members of role level L4/M1 or higher, like senior engineers, managers, and directors, are authorized signatories for documents, contracts, agreements, or other legally binding assets on behalf of Axelerant that are within their day-to-day role responsibility.

Permanent team members of role level L6/M3 or higher can delegate domain-relevant signatory powers to other permanent team members. Like granting recruitment’s L3 team members the authority to sign job offer letters and employment contracts.

Responsibility Granted

The situations below are not all-inclusive. When not sure, ask and update the following.

  • Dealing with resolutions.

  • Signing and delivering official documents and agreements with third parties and serving as Axelerant’s agent.

  • Signing/authorizing goods/product/services/subscription orders.

  • Signing/authorizing job offers, employment agreements, and termination documents.

  • Signing/authorizing permits, passes, or timesheets.

  • Signing/authorizing master services agreements, change orders, and sales contracts.

  • Giving any notices.

  • Executing any specific undertakings and approvals.

Responsibility Excluded

Directors, by default, do not have bank transaction authority, for that requires authorization with the financial institution directly.

Signing materials or matters outside a team member’s typical role responsibility is not allowed. For example, a salesperson signing a new hire agreement or a recruiter signing a new client sales agreement.


@Ankur Gupta, CEO, and @Michael Cannon, CSO, approved these signatory authority stances.