Referral Benefit Guidelines

Axelerant continuously seeks to expand its team with talented people. Our referral benefit program allows our team members to refer suitable and trustworthy candidates for available positions within our organization. We place great importance on referrals because we trust our team members to know what’s best for our organization.


Axelerant will pay 2% of a new hire’s annual fixed salary to their referring person after that new team member reaches 100 days at Axelerant.


The referral bonus is not applicable when…

  • you are part of the Recruitment team,

  • you took part in the interview process of the person you referred,

  • the person referred will report directly to you,

  • you are part of the leadership team (CEO, Directors, etc.).

Scope and Applicability

  • There is no limit to the number of applicants a team member can refer.

  • When more than one person refers an applicant, the deciding factor will be the date and time of receipt of the referral with the Recruitment Team.

  • Any candidate referred will be considered your reference for six months. When your referral is not hired during that period, it can be directed again by you or another person.

  • Referrals for Axelerant alums, interns, or contractual employees will not be considered for the bonus.

How to refer a candidate?

  • To refer a person, share a personalized referral link and help them apply for the role. Or you can inform the recruitment team via #job-referrals once the person has applied for the relevant open position.

  • Referrals shared via DM will not be considered.

How will you get the bonus?

  • When the team member you referred has completed 100 days at Axelerant, email to process your Referral Bonus.

  • Keep in mind that rewards may be subject to taxation.

Conflict Resolution

  • When you have concerns about the benefit, kindly email

  • The Recruitment Team will make the final decision in case of any conflict related to the scope and applicability, ensuring fairness and kindness.