Lateral Moves

We encourage people to live life more fully, and one way to do so is through the roles we fulfill. To that end, we allow Axelerant team members to apply for any open roles or create a new one, like leading a new service area. Even when you don't have direct experience but have an interest and intent to grow in the desired role, We can collaborate and make it work.

To get started, review the following lateral move guidelines.

  • We should clearly define the desired role with core responsibilities, and RASCI'd expectations thereof.

  • You've demonstrated at least 1 year of success in your current role.

  • Your manager, relevant director, and performance coach recommend you for the lateral move.

  • Lacking relevant experience for the new role?

    • Converse with peers in your desired role to better understand what your Individual Development Plan could be.

    • Find a mentor and work towards experience within Axelerant for the role you'd like.

    • Study and earn appropriate role certifications.

    • Create an Individual Development Plan as a guide to help yourself manage the transition

  • Apply for the desired role via

  • The hiring team, including the relevant potential manager or director, contemplate your fit and potential concerning Axelerant's requirements & needs.

  • Peer interview. For instance, when someone wants to move to L3, the current L3 peer group should interview the person to accept or deny them.

    • When the relevant director or manager validates the abilities, skill sets, and fit of lateral move candidates, we can skip the peer interview.

  • Not selected?

    • Work with your life coach and find a mentor to overcome the lateral move concerns.

  • Selected?

    • Congratulations!

    • Set mutually agreed upon start date and kick off the transfer and onboarding via the Lateral Move Tracker

  • Once the onboarding completes, your new role is official with a possible compensation shift.

  • When the onboarding isn't successful, your role remains unchanged.

    • Work with your life coach and find a mentor to overcome the lateral move concerns.

  • At times, you might be asked to fulfill a prior role. When this happens, joint manager oversight should happen.