Event Sponsorship

Where to apply

Fill out the Event Sponsorship Form to avail of this policy & refer to Travel Policy for expense reporting guidelines.

The 4 Point Policy:

  1. General:

    1. Events listed in Events Master with Go/No-Go as `Y` will always take first preference for sponsorship 

    2. To apply for full coverage for international events, you have to be working at Axelerant for at least 6 months

    3. Full coverage is available once per year for international events, twice per year for national events

    4. Session(s) acceptance doesn't mean default approval of sponsorship

    5. Co-presented sessions unless determined strategic, such as high-value case study or collaboration with partners/end customers, etc., the sponsorship request would be considered as individual sponsorship only 

    6. Apply at least 10 weeks prior for international events and 5 weeks before national events. Please don't wait for sessions to be accepted to file your sponsorship and apply as soon as you can

    7. If you accept the sponsorship and funds have been spent, but you are unable to attend the event or don't meet your Axelerant duties, you will be ineligible from receiving sponsorship for one year

  2. Partial: This covers either traveling and lodging costs or event ticket costs and has no application restrictions (e.g., if you present a session, this will most likely cover your event ticket, so if you'd require travel and lodging sponsorship means it’s a partial sponsorship request)

  3. Strategic: Sponsorship requirements may be waived when your attendance is deemed of strategic value

  4. Full: This is usually when you don't meet #2 or #3 criteria. Please be very specific on why you want to attend the event and what would you and Axelerant gain out of your attendance 

Who reviews event sponsorship requests?

The event sponsorship review committee reviews the requests.

What is required of the sponsored applicant?

If you are selected to attend an event, you will be awarded a full or partial sponsorship based on your ask, our available budget. In return, we ask that you meet at least one of the following expectation:

  1. Content Creation: write an article and present your experience and learnings internally from the event.

  2. Event Presentation: if sponsored and presenting a session, present the session internally before the event.

  3. Brand Representation: represent Axelerant; support revenue team, work on exhibit booth.

Possible exceptions exist: e.g., sessions are announced closer to the event, and there is no time left to plan, prepare and present.  

Example Strategic Reasons for Event Attendance

  • Sales

  • Specific Learning & Training

  • Strategic Recruitment

  • Sustained Topical Thought Leadership